Wars in Africa Explained to a Beautiful French Girl in Paris By: Mawuna KOUTONIN

When I was living in Paris, few years ago, I was lucky to spend time with some of the most gorgeous girls in town. I never knew before my life in Paris, that intelligence could be such a strong aphrodisiac on some of the most beautiful girls eyes could admire.

Well, You must say, I’m bragging, but let’s me continue a little bit my story because the subject of the day is a serious one which involves sex, guns and deception.

One evening, I was spending time with few friends, in one of the liberal bars in Paris. The evening was smooth in a typical know-how french style. We were quite loaded with few drinks and light conversation, when suddenly a lady in the group was hit by a question she wanted an immediate answer for, but from me: “Why are there so many wars in Africa?”.

Obliged, I wondered how I could answer such a question in bar, without sounding pedantic, kill the already good mood of a friendly gathering, or lose friends because of my well known activism for Africa renaissance.

“I don’t know why there a so many wars in Africa, but I, myself, often wondered a lot with the question: where do poor african people find money to buy weapons to engage in wars!?

Some guns bullets cost $200 each, and you need a lot of them to start and fight a war.

Our reputation is well known, we have big dick but empty pockets.” I said, interrupted by a big laughter.

I continued, “Poverty is not a fiction in Africa. Lot of people can’t make ends meet, and many have to go to bed with empty stomach or a meal per day. Therefore, I think the best way to answer the question is to ask another question: where does the money come from to finance war in Africa?”.

“Let’s create a fictional story about the beginning of a war in Africa, or let’s take the case of all the armed rebellions and guerrilla groups fighting against governments in Africa.

The story would go this way: a group of young men in a remote northern part of big country in Africa, were unhappy with their governments. They sent letters, made street protests, petitioned the authorities but without success. In despair, they think their only last resort is to overthrow the government and take power to get what they wanted.

Now, our young men don’t have money to purchase weapons, and build camps to get proper training required for their coup. Proactive, they ask all discontent people in the northern region to donate money to buy weapons to fight the government. All the people accepted.

Unfortunately, they are all too poor to contribute much. The money they’ve collected wasn’t even enough to buy one, single, Toyata Pickup car which they would use to storm the capital.

In Most of the cases, this should be the End of story. No money, No War. Poor people don’t start war. Period!”

“Right, you are right” nodded few folks in the group.

“Right. For the rest of the answer, you have to come to my seminars.” I teased out my friends ?

“No.No.No. Continue. I want to know the truth” said the lady who asked the question.

“Why won’t you spend the rest of the night at my place, we will have all the time …” I replied, and more laughter followed

“My suspicion during all these recent years is that there are very few internal African wars. Most wars are Europeans proxy wars for access to resources and political control.

As I was saying before, it’s impossible for any group of discontent people in the current world, to be be capable to self-start any war at all. Without the support of foreign governments or some big corporations, most of the wars in Africa would end.

Let’s suppose war is not only a matter of money to buy guns, and for example the young folks I’ve mentioned earlier have succeeded to secure enough money to buy weapons, who would they contact? who are weapons sellers?

Maybe you don’t know that but the huge majority of weapons factories in the world are in the hands of Europeans? In Africa, there are almost no arms factories. So our young folks have to order the guns from abroad.

They contacted an intermediary, but he told them weapons trade is regulated, and they need a patron.

“My beauty,” I said looking into the sky blue eyes of the lady who asked the question, “You can’t buy some medicine in pharmacy without proper prescription, so how in hell these young people succeeded to buy guns from factories and gun traders in Europe, and get them delivered in Africa?

Do you think the guns were officially delivered to them at the local airport? or seaport? with proper customs clearence papers to be checked by the local governments they want to fight and trow in a coup?

Ask for a moment a simple question like this “How did guerrilla groups succeed to hide big tanks and smuggle them into any country?”.

Let’s me tell you this single truth. The wars in Africa are not African wars. Most of them are foreign wars sponsored by foreign governments using warlords who drug underage kids in order to make them fight. Reason why there are very little adults armed rebellion in Africa, but warlords with drugged kids wars. Africans hate fighting, let’s alone with the risk to die!

Enfin! Did I answer correctly your question, Beauty?” I asked to finish my impromptu lecture.

“Yes, yes, I understand. But that’s a very different picture from what we hear on medias.” said the lady.

More drinks later, I was holding the hand of the blond girl to an unknown destination.

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