Various misgivings and mistrust of the LRC regime towards peace as published by Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

What is being solicited is an all anglophone conference and not dialogue with the LRC regime and any gathering by anglophones alone will not be able to solve any problem now that we are at war. When we had AAC 1&2, when we were still at peace, we were refused Halls in our own land. What is going to happen now if anglophones gather is that LRC Will round us up and arrest everyone and add to the list in their prisons and term it a cessationist meeting, and what will stop them now that everyone anglophone is a terrorist and is good for arrest or for death. If anglophones can be abducted in Nigeria and kept incommunicado for 6 months, then nothing is impossible with the LRC regime. They need the land and not the people, so let us be careful. If a Bishop can be assassinated and there is no case then who will launch a case if all our anglophone leaders and Bishops are abducted and referred to as an internal problem and still block the UN as they are doing right now.

To characterize all that has happened since morning as Just negative criticism is to willingly loss sight of the gadfly nature of any philosophical discourse. Second, the argument of Always saying that people are abroad is at most childish. If i May ask? What took them out? Remember Given the advantages out there, they don’t need to cause trouble here to enjoy. They are Just being African and Trying to practice the Ubuntu philosophy of living or dying together. To point a figure at them is a simplistic thesis.

Third, the problem is not the Conference but the main hidden engine Dr Munzu Simon. We are angry because he is using the cardinal for his own ends. Fourth, when push comes to shove, they will turn around and Tell cardinal whose integrity the are building in he is Just a religious figure and not a politician. It is true that Cardinal called the meeting but in the Machiavellian style philosophy, he is Just a means to a political end.  Fifth, only a mad man will trust somebody like Biya, who has a celebrated a record of not keeping promises. I Just want caution that our Love for the Catholic church and the cardinal should not prevent us from seeing the Wolf beneath the sheep. Any other person can be designated as organizer not Dr. Munzu. The cardinal is leading a team that will fail him.

Please the thesis of saying that people are abroad and causing havoc is like the bad argument that we have nowadays. Even when we have floods in Cameroon, we blame the rain for destabilizing Cameroon. When something happens, it is always the others. We should leave the blame game.  When people marched on Friday 22 of September 2017, it was not the people abroad. Lets know people are matured and can decide for themselves.

If all moves towards a peace initiative are tagged as master minded by LRC how then shall we come out of this quagmire? If the no nonsense Tumi cannot win our favor who then shall? What happens if Biya bows? Should one refuse to give birth again because the first pregnancy ended in the fallopian tubes and not the womb? I know we cannot accept any crab from LRC now but if we don’t even give them room to even propose something how shall we progress? The level of misery torture and killings flow now in our DNA but if we harp on the code that reminds us of our deaths, torture and misery we shall never progress. Nelson Mandela whose centenary birthday was celebrated on the 18th of this month taught us the great lesson. Rwanda is emerging with Tutsi and Hutus still sharing the same country. I am a fervent advocate of the schism, the iron curtain separating us in Santa and Moungo bridge but an initiative by folks who are still enjoying our confidence should not just be dumbed because we have been hurt. Mind you we are dealing here with a hardened blood sucker beast who can throw his own child in the lion’s den only to stay in power ad vitam eternam. Tumi and Co go ahead.

With no ceasefire by Paul Biya.

With no withdrawal of troops.

With no withdrawal of French teachers.

With no release of arbitrarily abducted thousands.

With no remorse for the villages leaked up by the flames of the state.

With no one to make an authoritative statement on the murder of Fr Sob.

Etc, etc, etc.

And by the way, what place does an initiative of friends who do not represent anyone got to do with formal issues.

These are good in themselves, but no better than two gold coins on planet Mars.

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