The LRC Constitutional Council: A Parody of Justice And a Mockery Of Democracy by Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

The next phase of the October 7th elections in the Republic of Cameroon has been one of heated debates, proves and counter arguments for or against various candidates of the elections. Various candidates and their legal minds including some of Cameroon’s top legal experts have presented proves and immense documentation to the Constitutional Council and two salient points run through these arguments. First, that the incumbent president did not win the elections, secondly, that the elections cannot be said to have taken place in the restive West Cameroon (Southern Cameroons) and that the elections were a sham owing to the blatant massive fraud machinery that was put in place mainly by the ruling party and their surrogates. Listening to some of the heart-rending presentations about the situation on the ground in the Southern Cameroons and the sad reality and history of election rigging perpetrated by the ruling party and its government officials, and worst of all, the fake international observers, we are obliged to wonder what future lies ahead of Cameroon in the days ahead.

However, it is extremely discouraging to note, that the Constitutional Council was quick to dismiss, in an obnoxious and facile manner, the unsurmountable proves and evidences and literally all appeals brought before on two counts, first either because they were judged as not worthy of being received or valid before the court or secondly because all of them lacked proves. The question now remains, what were the candidates clamoring for? Given these circumstances, is it possible that at a moment when the incumbent president is desperately in need of overwhelming victory to prove to the world that this present mandate was an overwhelming demand from the people clamoring to see him in power again for the next seven years. Nothing could be far both from reality and from the aspirations of the people of the Cameroons who have been subjected to poverty, misery and who are yearning for an urgent liberation from brutal political repression that has characterized their lives for the past decades since independence. The Cameroons have been ruled by successive dictatorships that have been both archaic and brutal, that have seen the systematic elimination of political opponents and presently, the country is constantly dripping with the blood of its citizens who have no means of liberating themselves.

Inasmuch as it may seem, the Constitutional Council which is held by many, in its proper duties is supposed to confirm the will of the people. But the question is this, who actually did the Cameroonians vote for during the October 7th elections. It could be anyone apart from the incumbent president who has been known to seize election victories as is the case with the 1992 presidential elections when he seized victory from the main opposition leader, Ni John Fru Ndi. Owing to constant intimidation, fright and the permeation of the whole territory with state sponsored death squads, there is little to expect in Cameroon from the ballot boxes, reason why the European Union and other reputed International bodies refused to send observers to the recent elections.

It is also worth noting, that even though Cameroon was recently overwhelmingly admitted into the UN Human rights Council, the same UN reports that Cameroon is one of the countries on this earth where the most hideous crimes against humanity are being committed and more so by the State.

The Constitutional Council is seen by many as another puppet structure, like many worthless structures created by the regime, that is obliged to answer to the demands of its master and so can afford to dismiss with the wave of the hand, and most of the times without any genuine reasons, serious proves and objections without even giving them due consideration or even the respect for the quality of the presentations. In rogue regimes, the judiciary becomes the tool of the dictator as has been noted in Cameroon. A veritable failed justice system. It was very disheartening listening to regime surrogates miserably and desperately defending the undefendable in an attempt to legitimize their fraud, coercion and undercover methods of rigging for which they have become notorious over the years. However, for the proponents of elections as the only way to bring change in Cameroon, they have once more been proven wrong, as the correct understanding of the exercise of the civic rights does not only apply to voting, but to rightfully abstain from voting if what is happening is suspected by the voters. For those institutions and individuals who have taught Cameroons publicly and in various circumstances, that one has to vote to demonstrate his civic right, it is now being proven, that this gospel has to be rewritten to its correct version, that the citizen has the right to vote or not to vote for personal reasons even if he finds no one according to his judgement, worthy of becoming his leader.

However, if Cameroon were a state of law, the case does not have to end with the Constitutional Council which has demonstrated publicly, that it cannot stand for justice but for its master. The people are the ultimate judge to ascertain who actually they voted for and rightly so, the people of Cameroon will demonstrate by their next disposition if actually they voted to keep the incumbent brutal dictatorship in place.

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