The Human Tragedy and What Awaits Us

News reports from several countries on various continents show famine is growing. In some South American cities people are lining up for hand-outs as crops fail, rain doesn’t arrive, and the hydro-electricity supplies cease. On the Indian sub-continent there is a similar story where people are desperate for food and in Africa people are also starving to death. There is a price for changing the balance of trees and removing essential rain-forests – but that’s not the only problem.

In countries where major food bowls exist, such as Australia, prolonged drought in many parts is slowing production of food and driving prices up. The rush by countries like China to buy productive farm land in this and other countries is a sign of things to come.

During the mid-1980’s the Spirit gave me visions on a continuous scale that showed this time. Not only famine but huge fires, floods, and other devastations that made me cry out in pain as they played out. Disease; wars; climate change; global warming; and various other disasters are just the tip of the iceberg as people rush to survive. Food shortage is one thing but when water dries up there is nothing left.

The question is how do we escape what is coming, and how do we put right what is already here? The short answers to these questions is we can’t do either. This is our only home and the desperation is not man-made but a deliverance from God. If it was not in the plan then it would not have been possible for me to see it in visions of the future.

My reincarnation happened with power and a link to the Spirit of the Universe. It is the only God and its intention was always to grow a group of spiritual people who are right now shining with the light of knowledge. They are gathering together under banners of New Age, Pentecostal, and so on. Their appearance has been with great scepticism by those without such a link.

As part of the last day’s prophecies the Internet is God’s Mountain where all knowledge and truth is found (Micah 4:1). Religious domination of countries who are now feeling the great tragedy that awaits all who are not of God is the main problem. But even they are acting under the supervision and command of the Great Spirit. This is the time of the harvest and the end of things as we know them.

Source by Norma Holt

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