Thabo Mbeki and Olusegun Obasanjo urge Paul Biya to cancel the presidential Elections by CEMAC and published by Dave WANTANGWA

Urgent: Thabo Mbeki and Olusegun Obasanjo urge Paul Biya to cancel the presidential and take it back to make it credible and preserve peace in Cameroon

This is the main message sent by two former presidents, Thabo Mbeki South Africa (1999-2008) and Olusegun Obasanjo Nigeria (1999-2007), in a letter co-signed and addressed to president Cameroon outgoing, Paul Biya at Power Since 1982 and requesting a 7th consecutive term after 35 years of reign.

These 2 former heads of state who have ceded power to their respective countries urges Paul Biya to take the decision that honors Cameroon, and even Africa as a whole and will make him a great statesman, by cancelling the presidential election Of 7 October last and to organize a new election with national and international observers to make it more credible and acceptable to all parties.

” the democratic election in a clear process is one of the most beautiful legacies you will leave to your dear country, because like Mandela, you will return to history like the one that brought democracy to your kind country, and also imposed elections With Clear results as a rule of gold and inviolable for a peaceful change or even for re-election “. could we read in this letter as we entrusted a source in service to the civil cabinet of the presidency of the Cameroonian Republic.

He continued by saying that it was also possible to read ” it would be a disaster if Cameroon too should switch to violence that could jeopardize the living together of which your country is an example in Africa he wrote.

It is known that today, whether in Nigeria or South Africa, elections are soothed and there is a regular alternation that creates dynamism and avoids conflicts. In Nigeria and Ghana, the former presidents, for their services to the nation, are respected and occupy their right in society.

In conclusion, our source would like to believe that president Paul Biya will understand that it is now that the conclusion of his story will be He can go out like a great man and enter the story positively if he cancels and reorganized a new presidential, as provided for by law. This time more credible as suggested by Thabo Mbeki and Olusegun Obasanjo or he follows his entourage goes to war and accepts the results of a highly contested election to keep in power and spend the most nightmarish 7 years of his Reigns and who knows, can end up like Mobutu from ex Zaire, who believed himself immortal or as Djamal of the Gambia, who saw himself invincible.

Paul Biya to his destiny in his hands: entering history as a tyrant or as a Democrat?



Source: As culled from Farida Nabourema (Facebook Page)

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