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August 28, 2018



Leadership is when the people freely raise you to a position of total dependence on them in the conduct of public business; clothing you with a representative capacity that permits you to conduct the public business in their name and to their collective benefit.

From the foregoing statement, if you assume any position, even the highest office whatever/wherever, without the mandate of the people, you lack legitimacy and a genuine representative capacity. It makes no difference that you rose from the sham of an election where your candidacy was not from the people and of their unfettered volition.

In the Camerouoonianese context, it makes only a good laugh when people refer to Members of Parliament (including Senators) as the people’s representatives. This is particularly the case of the House members of the CPDM who are imposed on the local people by Yaounde – (largely) without free, transparent and genuine primaries.

The worst case is the position of the minister who is appointed by the President of the Republic. A minister, in mournful ignorance, often does declare, upon his appointment, that he is the political leader of his area of origin. Woeful ignorance because they know not that the condition sin qua non for leadership is having a following. The person who appoints the minister is perhaps the minister’s sole “following”. It never can be the people of his place of origin who play no role in his assuming the ministerial position. A person does not tell the people “I am your leader”. Rather, the people tell the person “You are our leader”.

One does clearly understand, then, that those calling themselves “South West Elite Forum” are not leaders! Understandably, they are vehemently against the holding of AAC3. They are of course apprehensive that AAC3 might come out with Anglophone’s genuine leaders/representatives to their exclusion since the people are disillusioned with their cheating and fraudulent misrepresentations.

Pa Peter Mafany Musonge, for instance, who has arrogated to himself the regional leadership, would be required to substantiate the foundation of his leadership since it is apparent that he does not occupy an elective position. He may further have to prove that he has ever won an election even in his class. Above all would be the disgrace as to what parameters he used to proclaim that 95% of the people of the Southwest have opted for decentralization…

On the whole, it is tangibly evident that parochial/xenophobic “South West Elite Forum” are more of IMPOSTORS, labouring under schizophrenic paranoia because the people have vomited them. In their delusion, they are incapable of distinguishing friend from foe; and are condemned to grope in the dark for elusive protection, and the wielding of power in perpetuity. The natural egoistic outcome is cupid sectarian characterization: shifting the blame…

The least a friend – a true friend – can teach them is that our collective survival; our unity of purpose with peace as the corollary, lies in the holding of AAC3. Cardinal Tumi is like Godsend at the propitious moment! As there was no sectarian dichotomy in AAC1 and AAC2, the age-old symbiosis is too glued/entrenched to be put asunder by greed and hate rhetoric. That, at the least, is the irreversible/unconquerable aftermath of the terms “a PEOPLE” used to depict us by an international judicial entity.

Only as an appeal court can the “South West Elite Forum” reverse that ruling. And one must hasten to teach them that that capacity they don’t have!

Kiddies in the kindergarten would conduct themselves better: more intelligently!


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