Sierra Leone Makes a Difference from Other Beggar Regimes of Africa by Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

In the wake of Chinese neo-colonialism in Africa, Sierra Leone through her current president Maada-Bio has taken the courage to cancel a 400 million dollar loan offered by China for the building of the Mamamah Airport. It would be recalled that this loan was accepted by the former head of state for Sierra Leone but has now recently been cancelled by the new President. His simple reason and most importantly so, is that Sierra Leone is already in great and unbearable debt of about 9 trillion dollars. This cancellation is generally seen to be a praise-worthy courageous move on the part of the president as it would challenge Sierra Leonians to work hard to liberate themselves from their colonial debt and further work hard to become independent from these colonial and neocolonial trappings. It would also be recalled, that this cancellation is coming at a time when it is purported that China is systematically seizing state owned services in Zambia (the Water company, the Broadcasting Services etc.). This portrays China as perpetrating a more brutal colonial debt policy in Africa than the West. It also seriously puts to question the true image of the Sino-African cooperation into which many rogue regimes of Africa have been lured to behave as beggars stuttering for crumbs in the back yard of the Communist regime in China. Coming just when a good number of these beggar regimes in Africa just rushed to China, some coming out with terribly bad deals such as Cameroon whose President and entourage are said to have spent a total of more than 1.4 billion frs CFA just to be given a 1.2 billion loan by China, to quite some juicy deals such as that of Rwanda that came out with more than 200 billion frs CFA of deals.

What is the purpose of the Sino-African cooperation? Is it what they say it is? Is it what China tells Africa it is? Is it what China tells the world it is? Is it what those Regimes in Africa tell Africans and the world it it? It would also be recalled that one of Africa’s most outspoken PanAfricanists has just been denied entry and subsequently deported from Zambia for fear his presentation was going to spoil the hidden agenda between Zambia and China and probably lead Zambians to think and rethink the whole purpose of their cooperation with China.

Many PanAfricanists are also worried, that at this age China is actively carrying out is own form of colonialism by including the learning of the Mandarine language as is clearly being studied in Schools in Zambia and Nigeria including the Nigerian Customs. In fact several comic videos are rife on social media about what Africa will be in wake of their re-colonisation by China.

Africans are called upon not to be gullible to these deals with the West and other partners. Africans have to rethink the intentions of their leaders and revisit a host of these deals that are actually imprisoning them to the West and other nations. With the Chinese cooperations and projects in Africa, the worst still seems ahead.

From the experience in Zambia, Nigeria, Cameroon and several other beggar countries of Africa, the true image of which these government are doing everything to cover, it is clear that China is using these projects to entrap many countries in Africa and implant its own most wicked form of colonialism and the IMF has warned that many of the beggar countries will default these loans from China. The question still remains, what is the whole purpose of the China-African cooperation.

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