RHEDAC wants the Minister of Communication dismissed as reported by Mimi Mefo

The Network of Human Right Defenders in Central Africa RHEDAC has called on the Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma Bakary to resign over what the NGO qualify as giving out unverified information to the population.
“Everything utterance from the Minister of Communication is a lie…how can we be or work together with people who are always lying…how can we trust the army with all what is happening…” Barrister Alice reacting after the government attributed a viral video in which women and babies were brutally killed to the Cameroonian military.
They were speaking in a press conference in Douala today
“We will continue our findings to expose the masterminds and make sure they are tried…I suspect a fake trial because I heard the Minister of Defence say they will be given a fair trial which was not the same declaration when secessionists were arrested….” Barrister Alice Nkomcontinued.
RHEDAC said the actions of security forces in conflict hit North West and South West regions of Cameroon cannot reinforce the much desired peace preached daily by the government.

Details later!

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