This experience culled from the Facebook page of Ayah Ayah Abine, narrates their ordeal with the UNHCR in Nigeria which refused humanitarian assistance from the Ayah Foundation in spite of knowing them fully well and seeing what they have been doing for the Cameroonian refugees in the other camps in Nigeria.

What we witnessed yesterday at Benue!

We saw ‘humanitarians’ in their luxury air-conditioned cars vehemently and brutally preventing another known humanitarian organisation from providing humanitarian assistance to our suffering and very desperate Refugees in Benue State Nigeria, some of whom ran to us almost half naked and all barefooted (People the political UNHCR therein claim, as they told us, are well taken care of). You begin to imagine what’s so special about the Benue camps that we weren’t even permitted to go see with our very eyes. Not even the fact that about 8 kids who heard we were around and ran from the camps, embracing and welcoming me, some of whom know me personally as others even exchange words with me in our mother tongue, was enough to convince the politicians to do some elementary verifications and let us just see our people.

I will even go as far as proposing to them to let me taste the food and stay there for 3 days or for as long as they want me to so do for them to be sure that the food we bought from their markets is safe, to no avail. None should dare tell me that these politicians who told me to the face that they had heard we were coming and that they were waiting to stop us, did so in good faith. Good faith and protocols my foot!

So the authorities in other states who permit us visit our people on an almost monthly basis are acting in bad faith hein! Or it’s our first time of assisting our refugees in Nigeria…

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