My Reaction to the Cardinal TUMI/Munzu Fallacy by Dr. Yongbang

1.a.Over the years Anglophones’ Search for Dialogue and Justice has beem  Systematically Frustrated, and  Denied  with condescending Impunity by la republique du Cameroun and France, her mentor. Dr. Simon Munzu will tell you what President Mitterand said to him at the Elsee palace when he, Munzu, then spokesperson for the SCNC, sought audience with the French president in 1995 soon after the SCNC?CAM delegaion’s eventful  visit to the UN Headquarters in New York. “Young man, you do not know what you want”, the French president is reported to hav told him.

1.b.Fast forwaed to 2009, la Republique du Cameroun had he temerity without an iota of shame, to question the very existence of the Southern Cameroons Territory and of a people called Southern Cameroonians. (See Articles 89 and 90 of the African Commissiion on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) decision at  the 45th Ordinary Session, Communication 266/2003: KEVIN NGWANG GUNME ET AL vs CAMEROUN, ACHPR  Chairperson: Justice Sanji Mmasenono Monageng, Chairperson of the Commission, presiding, 13 – 27 May 2009). That grotesque lie was told on Dione Ngute’s watch, and a son of the our soil. “Sincerity and Truth are what  we require”, admonishes the psalmist (Ps. 51:6).

2.The blatant confiscation and usurpation of the presidential election results of 12 October 1992 that had been clearly won by Ni John Fru Ndi, an Anglophone through an unexpectedly  fair and free democratic process, So, if an Anglophone cannot aspire to the highest office in the country of his birth, he does not belong; neither would he/she succumb to accept second-class citizenship nor slavehood. His Eminence Christian Cardinal  TUMI and retired Assistant UN Secretary-General  Dr. Simon Munzu should know better.

3.1The Buea Declaration of April 01-03, 1993, stated inter alia, that the unilateral  imposition of the Unitary State on Anglophone Cameroon in 1972 was Unconstitutional, Illegal and a fraudulent fundamental breach of faith;

3.2The Bamenda Proclamation of APRIL29-May 01, 1994, in its Article 6, reaffirmed Anglophone Cameroon’s attachment to the Buea Declaration and warned that “should the government either persist in its refusal to engage in meaningful constitutional talks or fails to engage in such talks within a reasonable time, the Anglophone Council shall so inform the Anglophone People by all suitable means. It shall, thereupon, proclaim the revival of the independence and sovereignty of the Anglophone territory of the Southern Cameroons and take all measures necessary to secure, defend and preserve the independence, sovereignty and integrity of the said territory”.

3.3Proclaiming the revival of the independence and sovereignty of the Anglophone territory of the Southern Cameroons and taking all measures necessary to secure, defend and preserve the independence, sovereignty and integrity of the said territory called for the convening of the Constituent Assembly of the Southern Cameroons, now Ambazonia, NOT an AAC 3, for God’s sake.

3.4Note: It was in the wee hours of Sunday, May 01, 1994  that Dr. Munzu and yours truly,         Dr. Arnold Boh Yongbang, sat in the top floor offices of City Chemist, Bamenda, putting finishing touches to that Bamenda Proclammation.

3,5Reasonable time ran out when the Right Honourable Dr. John Ngu Foncha, the Right                     Honourable Solomon Tandeng Muna, His Eminence Christian Wiyghan Cardinal Tumi, the Right Reverend Henry Anye Awasom, Barristers Luke Sendze and Bernard Muna –both current and past Bar presidents- and all bona fide citizens of ex–British Southern Cameroons, walked out of the Constitutional Consultative Committee in Yaounde in December 1994 “because the constitutional proposals put before the Committee did not offer the opportunity for addressing and resolving the genuine and legitimate grievances and aspirations of the Southern Cameroonian People in particular and of the Cameroonian people in general”. Thereafter, Dr. John Ngu Foncha initiated preparations for an SCNC/CAM delegation to travel to the United Nations Headquarters in New York to present a “Petition against the Annexation of the Southern Cameroons by la Republique du Cameroun and praying the United Nations in accordance with article 76.b. of the Charter of the United Nations, to grant the Southern Cameroons the independence that was denied her in 1961”.

3.6There was an incident worth mentioning here for detail. On the evening of May 31, 1995, the delegation retired to Dr. Ivo Richard Fung’s residence. Dr. Fung, then the Acting Director, UN Regional Center for Peace and Disarmament in Africa, is our compatriot at the UN, who had invited the delegation to dinner at his home in New York, and undiplomatically tried to talk the delegation out of the “Zero Option” of total independence. This sparked off such a vitriolic quarrel among the LDA members, with Dr. Munzu questioning the raison d’etre of the Mission to the UN Headquarters by the delegation, and wasting much needed resources to fund the trip to the UN Headquarters when the resources could have been put to better use sensitizing the grassroots – a situation that actually marred the dinner.


4.1It would be recalled that when the SCNC/CAM delegation returned home from the United Nations Headquaters in New York on 28 June 1995, it carried out a countrywide tour of the two Anglophone provinces representing the Southern Cameroons in the union. The massive popular support received throughout the territory made it imperative that the support should be harnessed for the record.

4.2Everywhere the delegation went they heard speeches calling for the total and the immediate independence for the Southern Cameroons and a review of their relationship with la République du Cameroun. The Cameroon Anglophone Movement (CAM) decided to conduct a SIGNATURE REFERENDUM throughout the territory with financial support from compatriots in the Ivory Coast (Cote d’Ivoire) through the good offices of compatriot Nfor Nwayuke Susungi, then with the African Development Bank (ADB) in Abidjan,

The question put to referendum was:


4.3An analysis of the results shows that a total of 315.000 signatures, with their IDs, were collected from the peoples of the Southern Cameroons of voting age through out the territory. Considering the fact that the voter turn-out at the January 1996 Municipal Council Elections in the territory was 419.000 (the turn-out had been 420.000 for the presidential elections in October 1992), the total number of signatures obtained represents a 75% voter participation. Only 100 signatories said NO to independence: 99.97% voted in favour of independence. This represents the mandate of the peoples of the Southern Cameroons for their independence. The actual signatures obtained were submitted to the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Banjul, The Gambia, in the case of the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation (SCAPO) and the SCNC against la Republique du Cameroun, and admitted into evidence.

5.In a Recent Scientific Online Poll, by Tapang Ivo Tanku, a Fulbright Schola, posted by Mua Patrick, on 05 December 2016, amidst Rising Tensions, “Over, 78% English –Speaking Cameroonians Want Complete Secession”.

“Some 78% of English-speaking Cameroonians have said they will vote for complete separation from the hegemony of French Cameroon given the opportunity. Their resolve is a result of a study conducted online simulating the 1961 plebiscite that unified the two former colonies, one British and one French, into a single country”.

6.These authentic polls for independence are in sharp contradiction to the Cardinal;s 90% in favour of federation during his recent interview by another federalist, Elie Smith.

7.In their  MEMORANDUM PRESENTED TO THE HEAD OF STATE, HIS EXCELLENCY PRESIDENT PAUL BIYA, BY THE BISHOPS OF THE ECCLESIASTICAL PROVINCE OF BAMENDA ON THE CURRENT SITUATION OF UNREST IN THE NORTHWEST AND SOUTHWEST REGIONS OF CAMEROON of 22 December 2016, the Bishops drew the attention of all to ‘Honesty in the face of the Anglophone Problem’ and reminded all and sundry of The Church’s  teaching that

“A just society can become a reality only when it is based on the respect of the transcendent dignity of the human person… Every political, economic, social, scientific, and cultural programme must be inspired by the awareness of the primacy of each human being over society… For this reason, neither his life nor the development of his thought, nor his good, nor those who are part of his personal and social activities can be subjected to unjust restrictions in the exercise of their rights and freedom.”(14)

8.The Redoubtable Honourable Joseph Wirba, SDF MP for Jakiri, took the National Assembly by storm over the Anglophone Problem when he declared in Novembr 2016: “In a nation that you call yours, people can do what has been done to our children in West Cameroon?  I call it West Cameroon because you will never take it out of our mouths again because that is a Territory in which we believe in freedom. To go out in the streets and demonstrate is a basic human right for us. And that is why we are saying: that there are two Cameroons that came together; if you are telling us – like a state minister stood here last year and told us,  that what happened in Cameroun is like dropping a few cubes of sugar into a basin of water. Who is the sugar and who is the water? I am asking the government bench of Cameroun. Who is…that you rape our children (my brother’s daughter has been raped in Buea), I swear to you the government of this country, does the president of this country know that the Governors and the D/Os, and all the administrators you have sent to West Cameroon are out there behaving exactly like an army of occupation?

Our people have nowhere to go. We have made all the efforts. Our ancestors and our fore-fathers trusted you, to go into a gentleman’s agreement that two people, who consider themselves brothers, would go to live together.  And this is what you show us after 55 years? Then those who are saying that we should break Cameroon are right – they are correct. The people of West Cameroon cannot be your slaves. The people of West Cameroon are not (your slaves).  You did not conquer them in war. If this is what you are saying that we should leave it, I say simply NO! It will not work.”

9.1Revisiting  the African Commissiion on Human and Peoples Rights (ACHPR) decision at  the 45th Ordinary Session, Communication 266/2003: KEVIN NGWANG GUNME ET AL vs CAMEROuN, ACHPR  Chairperson: Justice Sanji Monageng of Mali presiding: adDone in Banjul, The Gambia at the 45th Ordinary Session, 13 – 27 May 2009, one comes across some startling findings:

9.2 “72. It is apparent to the African Commission that the present communication meets all the above requirements. The communication has been brought against Cameroun, which is State party to the African Charter. It reveals prima facie violations of the African Charter, all of which are alleged to have continued to occur following Cameroun’s ratification of the African Charter.

9.3 In Article 89 of the Ruling,. the Respondent State i.e. la Republique du Cameroun, also challenged the notion, or the existence of a territory known as “Southern Cameroon.” It states as follows:

“….it should be pointed out that in spite of the fact that the complainants refused to reveal their identities, they by no means ascertained to have been victims9 of violations imputed to the State of Cameroun. And even when they act on behalf of a so called territory called Southern ding impunity. Republic of Cameroun…’

8 Ibid.

9 The issue whether or not a complainant needs to be a victim in order to submit a communication before the Commission is addressed, in para 62 hereinabove, when discussing Article 56 (1) of the African Charter.

9.4 And again in Article 90 of the same Ruling,. the Respondent State i.e. la Republique du Cameroun, similarly, questions the existence of a “people” known as “Southern Cameroonians” and as such states that,

“…[s]upposing that there are a people of Southern Cameroons, nevertheless, it would have to be proven that it is entitled to claim its self-determination, under the specific form of “separate statehood”

9.5 “Article 179: ………… The Commission finds that “the people of the Southern Cameroons” qualify to be referred to as a “people” because they manifest numerous characteristics and affinities, which include a common history, linguistic tradition, territorial connection, and political outlook. More importantly they identify themselves as a people with a separate and distinct identity. Identity is an innate characteristic within a people.It is up to other external people to receognise such existence, but not to deny it”.

  1. That unpredented very massive popular turnout of the populations of the NW/SW regions on Friday, November 22, 2017, and again on Sunday, October 01, 2017, carrying only tree-branches as a manifestation of a sign of of peace, and the Blue and White stripes of the flag of the Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia, from all the nooks and corners of the Southern Cameroos. Those were Vox Populi expressions for freedom and Independence, NOT for a federation.
  2. It is absolutely astonishing, indeed dishonest , to say the least, of la Republique du Cameroun to claim that the Southern Cameroons does not exist? WOW!!! That explains their hidden agenda of systematically ignoring various initiatives by Southern Cameroons Lliberation Movements for dialogue and respect for the terms of a union that never was in international law, with total arrogance, spite  and condescending impunity. The answer is clear: “ZERO OPTION”!

12.1 With all due respect I regret to say that the Cardinal and Dr. Munzu got it all wrong if they interpreted the truly massive outpouring of Southern Cameroonians into the streets throughout the Territory on Friday November 22, and again on Sunday, October 1st, 2017 carrying peace plants and Ambazonia flags , and chanting the Ambazonia National Anthem, prepared to face the brutality, the savagery and the bulets of the forces of occupation;

12.2 They got it all wrong if they saw these manifestations as symbolizing a desire of our  people to re-federate with a people who do not believe that we exist and who do not want us to exist as a people.

12.3 Our youths, male and female have been forced to take up arms in self-defence from annihilation in a war that  has been forced on them by the combined orces of France and of la republique du Cameroun on what Reverend  Fr. Andrew Esua describes as a Satanic mission to annihilate the people of the outhern Cameroons and takeover their  Territory and its vast natural resources, a wr in which tens of thousands of our youths have been abducted to unknown concentration camps in la republique du Camerounor wasted in mass graves after cruel, inhuman  and degrading  treatment, which have been described by international observers  as targeted killings or genocide. Hundreds of villages have been razed to the ground [n a scotch to earth policy, roasting  alive in its wake some off their occupants who could not flee into the bushes or to refugee camps in neighbouring Nigeria. Do you honestly think that the blood of these valiant matyrs was shed and continues to be shed for a return to a federation?. And, bye the way, what happened to the 1961 federation? I rest my case.

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