LRC Military Let’s Reason! by Humanist Nkeng

As an addition to the article we published yesterday about the military coming to some sanity. We again publish the cited article in the hope that, for once, the LRC Military can put on some thinking with regards to their present predicaments. Can the LRC Military take the courage to do something different? Can they for once, do something honorable rather than acting like thugs and instruments of death in the hands of unscrupulous and greedy politicians who have taken the Cameroons hostage?

LRC military lets reason. Your chief of command Paul Biya its over 80 years of age, he is very sick and smells death everyday so he does not value your lives or that of his people that is why he stopped doing state burials because you guys mean nothing to him. Find out from your friends’ family members who had died in this battle; how much money did Biya send to the families as death benefits. Ask yourselves these few questions if your answers are right then i will encourage you to take his instructions. However, if you cannot get an answer then i will advice you to turn against him or drop your guns.
1. Why had Biya refused to sit for an inclusive dialogue for the crisis in his country.

2. Why did Biya declare war on his own people.

3. Why is there indiscriminate killings of his own people instead of targeted people.

4. Why is the military destroying and burning down of civilians properties for no just course.

5. Why is the government violating its own constitutions and international laws.

6. Why is the government unlawfully detaining, raping, torturing and killing its own citizens.

7. why?

If all these questions the government cannot answer you correctly my advice is that you drop down your weapons or go after him.  Remember the government had already declared his own war and we are only defending ourselves.
When our government will declare its own war be ready for the worst. For those of us whose brothers and sister are still working in the military for the old sick man called Biya you better back out and be on the good site of history.

Humanist Nkeng.


It is worth noting, that those deadly accomplices of Paul Biya in the name of government minister who are running around the whole country and out there in the whole world attempting to corrupt, intimidate and lie wantonly in order to paint the already dirty image of the deadly brutal regime, white and to fake innocence in the face of the calamity they created. Do these love your lives more than you do? Some of you argue that you are acting in fidelity to your oath of office, was it to protect the country or to sample some and victimize some parts of it? Why should some of your superiors make a living out of you, exploiting you, sending you to go and die like dogs, and they do not bother. All they do is fan you to error. The government of Cameroon owes you money they are not sure to pay, your allowances and others for which some of you never ever enjoy and what is really the essence of fighting your own citizens, is that the purpose for which you were military? Worse of all, is it war, when you prosecute war by burning down villages, killing civilians and not the targets? Unscrupulous politicians who cannot support you in the face of international crimes against humanity, keep fanning you into error by insisting that you are professionals when in actual fact you are worse than beasts, brutal and deadlier that protectors of the people.

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