Launching the “Speaker’s Corner”:Two

Inaugural Post: The Purpose of the “Africa Must Change” Project

by Mbiydzenyuy David WANTANGWA, Founder and Moderator – Africa Must Change Project

Part Two: Talking About the Platform

What the Africa Must Change Platform Is Not

This is not a social media platform to wile away in lousy social talk and purposeless niceties. This is not news coverage nor would it be entertaining those complacencies that are found in other media that write what dictators would like to hear. No praise-singing to any leader whatsoever – just pure untainted discourse that powerfully pricks the mind to immediate action. This is not mere theory. In the midst of the suppression and repression of the freedom of expression that is wanton in the land of Africa, we must find a space to break loose and speak, we must resort to free speech and re-affirm our limitless freedom of expression and pride of place in our writeups is given to intellectual heavy weights, that can and must say what we want to say against organized and institutionalized evil and the best way of doing so, considering the magnitude of the situation is by opening this virtual “Speakers’ Corner” of and for Africa.

Profiling Our Contributors

Our contributors in this blog, have a heavy carrying in and out of Africa, and they will be bringing these onboard to cause meaningful change to Africa. We therefore, shun idle talk because talk is cheap and so we embrace what can and will cause a stir in the various countries of Africa. The best way to do so in this digital age is only by using the virtual arena, where what we want to say will be able to go to the world loud and clear. The only prerequisites for our free speech here is responsibility and change; the only limits to our free speech here is its ability to cause positive stir and change in Africa. No hate, no propaganda, no party politics, no pro-governmental attitudes and utterances except those to emulate for good.

We can only welcome writeups that can cause a stir. We can only welcome writeups that can cause a revolution. We can only welcome articles that can do something practical for Africa. We can only welcome articles that tackle Africa’s problems in the bluntest manner as to cause change and positive change for that matter. And so our platform is not meant for political and philosophical neophytes but for ideological heavy weights, that will be capable of calling African leadership to order in the most outright and honest way as to effect the desired revolutions needed in Africa to put things right.

Therefore, if you are one who sees in the right direction, the various sicknesses affecting Africa, if you have foresight as to propose a genuine, open and drastically adroit way forward, you are welcome to send your participation and articles.

We have optimized this platform in all and most search engines capable to reach out to most of the highest quarters in the world. If it comes to petitioning highest world authorities, we have that capacity to make it known in the shortest possible time.

Tackling the Burning Issues of Africa

The most touching and challenging topics are the following to begin with and you are welcome to add what will cause a revolutionary stir in Africa towards meaningful change. We shall be tackling,

  • Dictatorship in Africa
  • The use of military as a tool of Repression in African Dictatorships
  • Western Hegemonies and dubious manipulation of African leaderships and politics
  • The incapability of International Instruments to save Africa
  • Africa and her economic slavery towards the west, a Way forward
  • Civil disobedience and the various Strategies of bringing down dictatorships in Africa
  • Liberation from Political Repression in Africa
  • Exposing corrupt regimes and leaders in Africa and dealing with corruption
  • Women issues and political liberation
  • Wars and awareness of manipulation
  • The responsibility of African Governments in Violent Extremism in the youth
  • Manipulation of the youth for political aims in Africa
  • The youths of Africa are not the leaders of tomorrow
  • The responsibility of African Leadership for Migration in Africa
  • Secret political cooperations that endanger security in Africa and protection of dictatorships
  • African states and the future of economic liberation from the west
  • The African Union should be dissolved
  • The usefulness of ICC in enforcing the rule of law in Africa
  • The annulment of shady economic deals with the west and the liberation of Africa
  • Solving the indebtedness of African countries from economic slavery
  • The exploitation of young talents to enrich and empower the old rich and powerful instead of the youth
  • The elimination of genocidal dictatorships from Africa
  • African leaderships and manipulation of Constitutions
  • The usefulness of Regional Organizations and the Liberation of Africa
  • The infiltration of the West in Various Organizations and Africa’s inability for liberation

And much much more. You are welcome to carry out country specific posts and researches and these would be posted under their specific categories.

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