The disturbing situation of the killing of innocent civilians by the Cameroon Military, followed by the burning of their corpses is very disturbing and while the international community is just watching as usual, we would like to highlight this report from National Telegraph in it entirety below:

“Cameroon Government Burns Bali Corpses To Cover Up Use of Chemical Weapons…

Mark Bareta, an Investigative Journalist and Activist, CEO of Bareta News has published disturbing pictures of how the Cameroonian military has burnt corpses of some civilians killed in Bali, a war torn town in the outskirts of Bamenda, capital of the embattled North West Cameroon. In the report, Mark suggests that the corpses were burnt to cover up the use of a Sarin- like gas, corroborating a previous report from National Telegraph. Below is a report earlier published by National Telegraph;

The Government of Cameroon has used a sarin-like gas to attack Bali Nyonga, a war torn town in Mezam Division in the country’s unruly North West Region killing children, women and adults. Government soldiers had suffered a devastating blow a day before. In retaliation, Cameroon Defense Ministry ordered the using of chemicals across the city, especially in the bushes where It’s suspected Anglophone armed groups might have taken refuge, a source told National Telegraph.

A few armed men were killed but the Sarin gas consumed the lives of ordinary civilians. In all, 37 people have died in Bali after the Sarin Gas attack – Chemical Weapon on Tuesday November 22, 2018. Soldiers initially displayed 22 corpses of adult males showing no gunshot wounds, only indicative of the use of Chemical Weapons. Corpses of the few fighters were put all together with those of civilians and displayed by the military as “Ambazonian Fighters”, a military source leaked out.

Locals also told National Telegraph that most of the corpses were civilians killed and dumped alongside the some fighters. Other corpses are now being discovered in some parts of the city and in the nearby bushes. Sarin is a deadly gas that kills fastest than most Chemical Weapons. Locals have trumpeted for urgent International Intervention as many others are uncertain of their next breathe. Birds and animals have also been seen dead in affected areas of the town.”




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