Hoodia Side Effects – Will Hoodia Make You Feel Hyper and Often Nervous?

You wouldn’t hear any hoodia side effects if the supplement being consumed are authentic, again, authentic! There are several hoodia products that are replica or contained mixture of ingredients like mild stimulants and others. The added ingredients are usually the one that causes bad effects to someone like feeling nervous or becoming overexcited. Only pure and authentic hoodia gordoonii diet supplement have remarkable record as of now when it comes to safety and bad effects.

Though we haven’t heard of any harmful effects of natural herb supplements, be aware that these herb diet supplements only came out in the market sometime in 2004. One more thing is that, even if hoodia has been used for decades by locals in South Africa as an appetite suppressant with no side effect, they did not consume it very often. We never know what could be the side effect when being consumed daily or often.

Some factors are needed to be considered to make sure you are only taking authentic hoodia and save yourself from experiencing any side effect. Read the product labels very carefully and find the ingredient you are looking for – “hoodia gordonii” and as much as possible with few added ingredients or no additives at all. Usually, supplements are being supplemented with other ingredients and you have to check what are the possible effects of these additional components to you. Some common ingredients are caffeine and other mild stimulants as stated earlier, and these can cause unwanted effects like becoming hyper and feeling nervous or jittery. On the other hand, supplements containing 100% pure and authentic hoodia gordonii extract will not give you any effects which are not good for you.

Look for a certificate from Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna or CITES. The hoodia gordonii plant is being protected so there are tight regulations over the exportation of it. Manufacturers import their hoodia supply in South Africa where its primarily found and it is required to secure a certificate from CITES. You can usually find CITES certifications in companies’ websites who are making use of authentic hoodia. This is a reliable proof that the supplement from the company is genuine.

You should also come across with laboratory tests results exclusively done in the product. Lab test will assure your safety and that will prove you are taking authentic and pure hoodia extracts. Laboratory test can show you what is in the supplement. Though certificates can be counterfeited and product labels can be misleading, you cannot cheat with science. The test will prove either the product is authentic and reliable or not. In the event, lab test are also being forged, you can check yourself with the laboratory indicated they used.

Taking precautions before purchasing your hoodia diet pills is necessary to make sure the product you take doesn’t give you any unwanted side effects like being hyper and feeling nervous so often.

Source by Clara Caverline

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