Holding of Anglophone General Conference (AGC), the take of a pessimist edited by Dave WANTANGWA

Holding of Anglophone General Conference (AGC)

My take

All of a sudden today we hear of the convening of a meeting in Buea by Some religious leaders. They claim the purpose is to develop a common position towards a possible dialogue with LRC.

I find this problematic for the following reasons:

1 Such a conference will do no good if history is anything to go by. What became of AAC1 ? Have we forgotten so soon?

2 AAC1 was convened and attended by very powerful leaders. Most of those who brought us into this unholy union were there yet the recommendations were thrown in the dust bin by Yaounde. What makes these men of God think that theirs will be different?

3  After AAC 1 in Buea, we moved to AAC 2 in Bamenda were a resolution was taken. Holding a certain AGC in Buea is to destroy what AAC 1 and 2 achieved. This is a slap on the face of our ancestors!! Albert Mukong, John Ngu Foncha, Chief Ayamba etc will now be rolling uncomfortably in their graves.

4 On what authority did these religious leaders asked for ceasefire? are they now mediating or they are on the side of the anglophones?? Who is their sponsor?? More questions than answers.

5 Why is such a proposal only coming now? Can we trust the timing?

  1. These religious leaders have been unable to strongly condemn the atrocities committed on the population , where have they taken courage now to call for release of captives? Will the dead also be resurrected??

7 Any meaningful conference at this time should be AAC 3 . At AAC2 the option for independence of southern Cameroon was adopted. AAC 3 should now be seeking ways to implement AAC 2. To go back to square one is to play games with the people’s revolution.

  1. Such a conference rubbishes the fact that Southern Cameroon has a government.

This is the 21st century. The people are now very informed. They can’t be manipulated. Take note!!

Conclusion: The so called AGC resembles a scam. If the population can’t prevent it from holding then they should massively attend, steal the show and tell them what they need to be told in any way possible.

But wait oh, is it what the grand master told you people? The choice of Munzuu as the spokes person makes this conference controversial.

I advice the organizers to think again, make the adjustment, and allow the competent authorities to call for such a conference.

May God help us all.



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