George Washington and His Premonitions of the Three Perils Facing the New Republic

George Washington was not only the first President of the United States, but also wrote before his death, about a visit by an angel warning him of the three perils the new nation faced. This was written down and attached with his will. To a curious reader, perhaps symbolic of certain events that occurred long after his death, with one peril still remaining unfulfilled.

George Washington had retreated for the winter to Valley Forge, snowed in and still fighting a war. He retired one afternoon to his office, and claimed an angel visited him, showing him the three perils, the new nation faced in the future.

What were these three perils?

1. The First Peril

The Angel pointed to both Europe and the United States, whilst between them at sea, a cloud rose, and the President saw two nations fighting, his own, and a European nation. This probably was the Revolutionary War.

2. The Second Peril

America was now sprouting new villages and Towns, whilst the angel sprinkled water over these settlements, a dark cloud came over from Africa. And George Washington heard the words,” Union,” as the angel laid a split flag across the map of the new nation. This to most of us, this could symbolize the first American civil war.

3. The Third Peril

The Angel blew a trumpet, sprinkling water over the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. A dark cloud gathered over these continents, as armies marched through them, and the United states was also invaded The sky lit up to become a hundred ‘Suns,” as the angel was reputed to say,” Son of the Republic, look and learn,” as the North American invasion fails and the remains of the armies that fought remain victorious, in the ruins of a post-war country.

Obviously, the third peril claims at some point there could be a war involving, Africa, Asia, Europe and the United States. Whilst, opposing armies invade and fight in each other territories, the USA is itself invaded. The suns could represent strategic nuclear strikes, during this great war.

These three so-called perils not only were the final mystery behind the first President, but to many “proof” that even the most respected, and some say powerful men, believe in the occult. George Washington was not the first or the last president that has spoken of “angels”, or “ghosts.” and had premonitions.

Source by Mark W. Medley

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