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Looking to join a social network but don’t want to join Friendster? With hundreds of social networks popping up every month how do you know which one to choose? There are lots of alternatives out there these days so in this article I am going to show you some alternatives when it comes to joining Friendster and others. In my opinion when joining any social network you don’t want to be faced with lots of rules and regulations. You want to be able to do your own thing and interact with your friends how you see fit.

So without delay what are some alternatives when it comes to Friendster?


Now Linkin is a new social network for professionals and has many good benefits to joining the network. With Linked in you have to be invited and it is more of a professional social network than compared to Myspace and Facebook. The best thing about linked in is you can get a job in your area of expertise simply by belonging to link in. Many head hunters and recruiters exclusively hire people just from linked in so It ranks right up there as one of the best social networks today.

MySpace However if your in your youth and want to connect MySpace is an awesome Friendster alternative simple for the fact there are lot’s of young people to connect and chat with. MySpace is more high school and has more people ranging from 13-20. It has also been around for quite awhile with millions of registered members. It all depends what your are interested in doing with each social network. That’s what makes them different from one another.


Facebook is in my opinion is one the best of both worlds if you are into marketing yourself as a professional & as a friend, face book could be your answer. It has a wide variety of features as well as a big member community. There are lot’s of application’s being made all the time to make your experience more enjoyable. There are more people on Facebook in the range of 20-35 as well so you can connect with more people who might be in your age range.

So as you can see these are just 3 Friendster alternatives, but I would go with whatever network appeals to you the most. Because everyone is different ages and different stages in there life there is no right answer for this one. Theses are just some alternatives that you can do if you are trying to make a decision on which network to join over another one.

Source by Jason Szova

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