French Hegemony in Africa Will be Fought from Within France by Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

During the last World Cup Competitions when three quarters of the French National Team showed up as blacks, it gave rise to a myriad of commentaries and analyses across the globe. The essential question is this, is France becoming a black country? Is France becoming an African country? What is happening to the original French race? Is France using her former slaves to work for French glory or is it just that the original French race is so limited that even in the national team they cannot feature their own race as much? The French president, Emmanuel Macron quickly but desperately defended the French citizenship of those black players in the French national team but the fact remains, that even though they have the French nationality, this is but a paper, which only serves to give them a higher and different status than those of their original “shithole” countries, thereby protecting them from the brutal regimes of their countries of origin, but they will never become the French race.

There are more far-reaching implications to this phenomenon than simply that of players. On a much wider political and economic scale let us take a look the statistics of the foreign races present on French soil or better still, let us look at the statistics of the French citizens of other original races and then try to plot a more disturbing graph of solving the African problems caused by the French government’s presence and handling of crises in French Africa and other colonies of France.

First and foremost, this writeup is coming up to examine the problem of the continuous uprisings in France and the underlying reasons why France has as an obligation is compelled to radically change her approach to her colonial policies in the countries she occupies. There is a strange observation to make here, that “Ethnicity is a difficult thing to talk about in regards to France. This is largely because the French government does not allow the collection of statistics on ethnicities for fear of prejudice or racism against those people”.

Keeping a blind eye to this reality which is fast becoming a preoccupying reality is just a bout of ostrich politics for the French government. However, worth noting is the strong ethnic presence of the Arabs, who tend to be from Maghreb (Northwest Africa including Tunisia, Morocco Libya and Algeria) and Mashreq (Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and Iraq). The largest resident alien groups are Algerians, Portuguese, Moroccans, Italians, Spaniards, Tunisians, and Turks.

Recently, large groups of immigrants have entered from the Francophonie countries of Africa and many hundreds more if not thousands continue to do so on a daily basis.


The implications here for the French hegemony in Africa are enormous. There is presently, a growing demand that France should ends its wars in Africa. Africa is tired of French continuous meddling and triggering of instabilities and wars and the electoral process in at least former French colonies especially the about 14 African countries that continue to pay colonial taxes to France, is simply the manipulation of France to determine the faithful stooges and puppet leaderships that would continue to maintain the obscene Accords de cooperation Francais, through which the French colonial grip in Africa continues and is ensured. Talk less of the Franc CFA and the colonial treasury system that is strictly and devilishly maintained by France.


Some Judgements

There is now, an enormous growing awareness not only amongst African countries that their woes originate from French hegemony but also amongst European countries who struggle to maintain their “second class” diplomatic relations in these African countries and who would prefer that France should end their grip and adopt a friendlier approach.

France is creating the heat in her own backyard. The endless protests and unrests in France over the recent times is a clear indication that all is not well in the respective countries where the French grip is rather colonial and should end. There is no end in view to these unrest and it is predicted, that in the coming years, France will soon become the most unstable European country with a significant presence of foreign ethnicities and with her ostrich policy approach to her colonial rule and handling of crises in her colonies. France needs to reason in the long-term and adopt long-term solutions, by completely departing from her obscene political meddling and hegemony altogether. There need to be a complete shift in foreign policy which demands a leader that can dare to reason out of the box.

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