Christianity’s Marginalizaion in the West and Its Link to the Enlightenment Age’s Philosophies

The devastating work of the Enlightenment Period’s philosophies and their jarring conspiracy to destroy the Christian religion is a shocking travesty from the quaint showroom of history. This strange, obscure historical period fostered a dramatic polarization between good and evil that literally turned Western civilization on its head. Since the fall of the Roman Empire, no one in his right mind dared challenge the authority of the Christian religion; consequently, the Christian worldview was the supreme law of the land. Rome’s brash, bombastic emperors; who viewed themselves as gods, did attempt to defy the irrefragable authority of the Christian religion’s gospel message. They fed Christians to hungry lions; they beheaded and crucified many of the apostles; they used Christians as lanterns at night; they used them as sports objects in their sanguinary gladiatorial contests; they flung Christians in jail, persecuting them almost indefinitely: The pagan Roman emperors did just about everything they could to silence the voice of truth roaring from the mouths these incredible human beings, but they found out that Christianity was (and still is) like a basketball-it does not remain under water and thrives mainly in the searing fire of persecution. After almost two hundred years of poignant persecution and crucifixion and imprisonment of Christians; Constantine, a Roman Emperor, became a Christian without any proselytizing whatsoever–he did it on his own accord. The noble emperor was convinced that there had to be more to Christianity than met the eye; and, as it turned out, there was. Accordingly, Christianity was named the state religion–the supreme religion of the Roman Empire! After Rome’s long, shameful, murderous campaign against innocent men and women who were just exercising their unforfeitable right to freedom of religion; the titanic might of Rome eventually caved in and collapsed under the irrepressible force and power of the truth.

And after its noble promotion by Rome itself over all other religions in the world, Christianity held sway for more than twelve hundred years: No one in his right mind had the guts to challenge the irrefutable truth of the gospel message. The Romans, closest to the transcendental resurrection of Jesus Christ in broad daylight before the eyes of men, pleaded no contest. Did anyone else have a word of disapproval? Virtually no one had anything to the contrary to say regarding the sacrosanctity and unassailability of the Christian message. The Romans had seen all the resurrection with their own eyes. Of course there was always Islam to the East, which was somewhat a challenge to the Christian message; but the Western world’s association with Christianity allowed it to rise way above the political reach of Islam. The Western world outdistanced Moslem societies by more than ten to one; and, for the most part, world dominion was given to the West because of its unwavering support of the gospel message. Fundamental concepts in science such as insistence on proof and the scientific method are all basically Christian ideas; in fact, Francis Bacon, a vanguard in the modern scientific movement; and Sir Isaac Newton, the most brilliant scientist who ever lived; were devoted Christians. Science is a direct offspring of the Western World’s association with Christianity; however, judging from the way most science textbooks read today, you would never know this unanswerable fact. Just around the close of the Renaissance; a very intriguing, intellectual movement sprang up in France and consumed the rest of Europe and, late on, North America. Jealous of Christianity’s unquestioned, unecrivocal spiritual and political hegemony in Western societies; a group of intellectuals stepped forth to the podium and began to question the claims and validity of the irrefrangible Christian message.

This most disturbing, intellectual movement focused on acquiring fresh knowledge, applying reason-driven dialogue, and understanding the secrets of the universe. Well, this writer thinks that the Romans had already figured out that the most appropriate book for comprehending the secrets of the universe was the Christian manual-the Holy Bible. The Romans, closest the indubitable resurrection of Jesus Christ, were so impressed that they used his name to divide time-BC, before Christ and AD or Anno Domini, in the year of our Lord. The Romans called Jesus Christ “Lord.” this author thinks that if there were any people who ought to know the person who knew the secrets of the universe were the Romans-they were in the middle of the action: They saw it with their own eyes. All of a sudden, these moral scoundrels of the Enlightenment period knew more than the Romans and wanted to know what the secrets of the universe were. In the process of all this chicanery and guileful maneuvering for spiritual and political power; Christianity was shoved aside, as a new age and civilization began unfolding in the West. The people at the forefront of this mystical, intellectual movement called themselves philosophies; as the movement had begun in France. They were an elite pool of intellectuals drawn from European society’s middle class and aristocracy. These were editors, lawyers, doctors, professors, and other intellectuals from the astral circles of European society. Most of these men were deists: They used a slick, religious designation to conceal who they really were. Closer inspection of the word deist reveals that these intellectuals were not Christians; accordingly, they created a nasty, poisonous polarization of society; and the good-evil divide greatly disrupted European life. One glance at the French Revolution; inspired by these heinous, flagitious henchmen; tells one all that he needs to know about their true identity. Merely based on the raw, unvarnished barbarity that these crooked rogues engineered in the French Revolution; their unmistakable alignment and association with the satanic bible and devil worship cannot be overlooked.

History does not give us this critical piece of information about these darkened occultists and rapacious villains who disrupted European society between 1650 and 1800; however, when their religious association is carefully studied, a disturbing picture emerges. Although the period between 1650 and 1800 is supposedly the exact timeframe of the Enlightenment Age; in all honesty, that period never really ended. This timespan cited by most historians was merely the period during which the foundation of a new kind of French Revolution-oriented society was laid. Since the time of the French Revolution, the world has never been the same. The philosophies stole many of modern science’s fundamental principles from Christianity, as they were developed by Christian men and had evolved out of the context of a free, Christian-oriented kind of society. The whole idea of freedom from tyranny, rule of law, the scientific method, and a host of other ideas are basically Christian in nature and origin. These ideas were stolen by the philosophies in their creation of a tortuous, new kind of society. They stole these ideas from the Christian worldview and created an exclusive club of atheists in their darkened world of what they called modern science. They vehemently pushed the vain, flawed big bang and evolution theories; both atheistic in nature, and stuffed and shoved them down the throat of an unsuspecting world. Once the scotch or Jack Daniels wears off, it is not hard to see where modern science and its machine of dishonest villains are coming from: They make themselves abundantly clear who they are. The problem is that they have shoved and stuffed all that falsehood down the throats of society’s masses; who have swallowed it hook, liner, sinker, the fisherman, and his boots; thus polluting and corrupting the entire world with the garbage of their so-called modern science. What a shame! Additionally, not only have these dashing boys of the classroom podium rejected the Romans’ resurrected Christ and Lord, they have the nerve to say that morals don’t matter: Morals are irrelevant. What other evidence do you need that modern science is a pert production of devil worship! It’s all there: It basic trademark is brash atheism and poisonous hatred for Christianity! All the facts are there. They are not even insinuated; they are boldly spoken for the whole world to see for itself who the vanguards and exponents of modern science really are.

After the French Revolution, the philosophies began to realize that their blank, blind sermon of reason was no longer resonating with society’s masses; so they quietly shifted gears and swung all the way to the other side of the ideological spectrum, pumping out one irrational theory after another behind the screen of science laboratories and in the bold mirror of public classrooms. They spewed their poisonous venom against Christianity’s innocence in those tame, easily controlled classroom environments; thus turning the whole world against Christianity and capsizing the ship of natural order in society. Generation after generation of college and university students was cavalierly told that Christianity was a joke. This writer’s professors told him that Christianity was an old, archaic religion that no longer had any relevance in human society. This is the God truth. These unscrupulous suckers used the big stick of grade to control their students, and some even bartered grades for sexual favors from female students. These are matters of public record: These salacious stories are in the news just about every day. The atheistic world is a lie that cannot follow rule of law. It is a law unto its own self-the only kind of law that exists as far as it is concerned. And this is the way the dashing boys of modern science do business: They lie and lie and lie and pervert and distort the natural order of things. Oh what a shame! What a cruel, pathetic shame!

What a breath-taking disgrace that has been wrought at the hands of these so-called founders of modern science; nonetheless, the Enlightenment’s philosophies and their venal, brawny team of modern scientists cannot take all the blame for the fading of the gospel in the West. There have been other forces, not necessarily connected to the modern science conspiracy of fraud against the Christian religion. Western civilization’s inextricable tie to Christianity cannot be concealed, as it was supposedly the principal driving force behind Europe’s imperial domination of most of today’s Third World countries during the age of Imperialism. When Cortes went into Mexico, he pulled no bones about his clear, unmistakable mission to convert the devil worshipers there–who, at the time, were Aztecs-to Christianity; so there is no need for modern scientists to act as if the West never knew anything about the Christian religion. In the process of converting these pagan cultures to Christianity, quite a bit of transfusion of their cultural ideas to Westerners took place; accordingly, Christianity itself began to be diluted and polluted. In time, fervent Westerners lost much of their ardor for spreading the gospel and became more consumed with the profligate matters of empire building and the day to day affairs of the Mercantile System. Indeed, much proselytizing did occur; and many colonies, both in Africa and the West Indies, adopted the Christian worldview. Even the United States claimed that it went into Hawaii to convert the Hawaiian devils to Christianity. America should be ashamed of itself to advocate unnatural policies contrary to Christianity and to snub he gospel message. Shame on you America! Oh what a shame. You have back slid and fallen from thy spiritual pedestal of nobility and grandeur to the dark, acheronic cave of witchcraft an d devil worship. Oh shame on you, America. How dare you disrespect and dishonor the God that you once served!

In addition to modern science’s crass rejection of the Bible, there were other forces at work in the steep decline of Christianity’s hegemony and America’s frightening back slip and nerve-wracking moral decline. Westernization of the world, fueled by power-hunger and greed, generated phenomenal imperial wealth; particularly to Western European countries, which began to lose their Christian focus in the process. As the Westernization of the world proceeded with much frenzied rapidly towards the close of the nineteenth century and all the way to the middle of the twentieth century; broad global changes, which had a powerful impact on the world’s major cultures, began to transpire. The rapid rise of multinational corporations in the twentieth century, especially after World War II, was one the major game changers for the Christian religion. Business concerns fostered a more tolerant sociocultural environment in the world as a whole. Accordingly, Christianity’s exclusive message and monopoly on truth became less and less tolerated by major Western countries. In other words, countries like Great Britain, Canada, and the United States slowly but surely began to snub the Christian message in favor of doing business with countries which the Bible deemed pagan, gentile nations. These gentile countries typically tended to have antichristian, polytheistic religious philosophies; which, of course, the major Western countries simply ignored. And today, all the chickens have come home roast in the West. It does not take rocket science to see that the West has lost its way in the world. It is manifestly obvious that something way of the ordinary is wrong with the West. Paradoxically, many former pagan countries which have adopted a Christian worldview, even only in part, are spanking Western countries front and back. Today, China has over three hundred and seventy million Christians stuffed away in underground churches, hiding from the authorities. The result: China is rapidly becoming the world’s most powerful nation regardless of what America does. America switched to darkness, and all the wealth that Christianity brought her has left: China has embraced Christianity, even just in part; and all the wealth of the world has been flowing into the coffers of Chinese society. I wonder: How clearer does the message have to get for blind people in the West to see and understand how the world really works. Things have switched around in the world; China is now sending missionaries to witchcraft-peddling America. What a shame: What a disgrace!

The rapid rise of multinational corporations has played a lusty role in the fading of the gospel in the West. These giant corporations’ immense, wealth-generating power produced an elite aristocracy which dabbles in other world religions and dangerous occultic practices. In this same vein, the rise of globalism knitted all the world’s economies into one colossal, interdependent fiscal machine. This technocratic change produced even more intermingling between Western countries, which were once predominantly Christian in worldview, and pagan societies that were largely polytheistic and antichristian in their philosophical disposition. As a result, Western countries; for the sake of international trade benefits, began to distance themselves from the tangled web of Christianity’s exclusivism. At this juncture, it is important to point out a rather noteworthy fact: While all these changes and switching maneuvers have been transpiring, few have noticed how closely all these changes in world politics have been lining up with the Book of Revelation. But, you see: that is exactly what is wrong with the world; it does not dot its I’s and cross its T’s. Man has failed to make the connections that are so critical to understanding what is really going on in this world. At the same time all this is happening, computers have been shoved to the forefront; and virtually everything today is computerized. This is another Book of Revelation connection that few have noticed, and the dramatic rise of evil in the world is a frightening alarm bell that, just behind the corner, the philosophies of the French Revolution are about to strike again. In the meantime, society has been getting darker and stranger than ever before.

At the same time all of these tenebrous changes are transpiring in the world, freedoms of all kinds are gradually drying up just about everywhere. Preachers of the gospel are cavalierly told what they can say and what they cannot say; in fact, new laws, carrying stiff prison terms for preaching the Bible; are already on the books. Hate speech nowadays can be defined as someone merely exercising his First Amendment Rights, muttering to a friend from a behind door that he disagrees with sodomy and loathes the idea of gay marriage. That kind of rhetoric is now considered hate speech. Well, people are called ugly all the time: Is that hate speech? No, that is ordinary speech in our progressive American society. Come on, be a good sport; how could that be hate speech! You get the drift of which way things are going, don’t you? Such preposterous perversion of rule of law is what’s already on the Books, with more coming down the pipe. Where are the demonstrations in the streets? There aren’t any. This is the sort of thing that fuels senseless civil wars in unwise human societies. The upshot of all of these brakes on moral endeavors is a society that, sooner or later, will inescapably unravel; and when it does, woe be unto those who are alive! Plugging up the mouth of the gospel is tampering with the mouthpiece of God himself. You don’t even need very good vision to see what is happening in America. The violent beast of nature has been uprooting the pillars of American society one by one. Gradually, America has been falling apart one day at a time.

In addition to the Enlightenment’s philosophies’ indirect tampering with Christianity through modern science’s lies and deceitful practices, and government’s phony manipulation of the law to bescreen their naked lies and perversion of the natural order of things; there have also been direct attacks on the Christian Faith by a new breed of philosophies. These ingenious machines of evil have joined the Christian Church in America and other Western countries under the phony umbrage of converting to the one true religion; moreover, many have even started Christian Churches, wiping the slate clean from the Bible and inventing brand new theologies. They have literally cast away the basic tenets of the gospel and introduced fresh, ear-tickling doctrines-foreign to the Bible-into the Christian Church. The result: A massive watering down of the gospel message and a burgeoning proliferation of Christian Churches that have absolutely no impact on, and make no difference in, society. The decline of Christianity in America, in particular, is due mainly to this type of tampering with the gospel. These twenty first-century philosophies know exactly what they are doing: They are bent on destroying the integrity of the gospel message-and they have done just that! The rise of occultism in America and Christian leaders’ rank inability to deal with it and to Christianize society speak volumes.

This sort of spiritual wickedness also coincides with the eerie rise of rock stardom and gimmickry in the Christian Church of America. This new generation of philosophies is even wiser and more lupine than their modern science counterparts. They do not express any outward animosity towards the gospel message-they are the dashing preachers of the day. They simply toss the Bible out the way and drop the bomb of godlessness on innocent, unsuspecting, church-attending people; whose wallets are cavalierly snatched by passing the offering buckets more than a dozen times in a single service. These dashing boys of guile and gimmickry know how to hoop: they know how to raise their voices and gargle their throats to stir up the congregation like a wino’s ice in a glass of wine. While all this is going on; the brash introduction of a flawed societal thought stream has done the rest of the damage.

The sudden appearance of rogue ideas such as tolerance, political correctness, and moral relativism has done incalculable, irredeemable damage both to society and the Christian Church. This new thought stream’s speech-censuring mechanism has been very effective at keeping Christianity at bay-that is exactly what it was designed to do! In short, a brash machinery of speech manipulation and tampering with the dissemination of the gospel along with the vulpine tricks of modern science have virtually huffed and puffed the light of the gospel out of view. Oh how sad; how pathetic! In the meantime though, the catastrophic consequences of all this perverse wheeling and dealing behind the scenes of Western civilization have been evident just about everywhere. The news is awash with tears; people are crying and sobbing everywhere. American society is in trouble, and the trouble is showing up all over the place. Saddled with a fifteen trillion-dollar debt, Republicans and Democrats fight like animals in a dogfight gone wrong. This writer wonders: Who they are trying to fool-certainly not those who can plainly see the writings on the walls “MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHRASIN!” Oh dashing philosophies of America, you are steering the ship of this country in the wrong direction; you better turn around, but this author knows that you won’t. People who can see far into the future are not terrorists; they are just wise, humble servants and soldiers of truth. America, the door of doom is closing in on you, turn around before it’s too late-MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHRASIN! The God of the heavens; not me, America; leaves you to figure out the rest!

Source by Moulton A Mayers

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