Cameroon’s Presidential Elections: AU playing to the Galleries? by Mbiydzenyuy David WANTANGWA

The African Union delegation to the presidential elections in Cameroon gave an overall positive score to the elections. The October 7, 2018 presidential elections that held under very questionable circumstances were generally viewed by the AU Delegation as positive. It would be recalled the EU categorically denied sending observers because of the very questionable and unfavorable circumstances in which the Cameroonian authorities insisted to go ahead with the elections, the most crippling being the war raging in the Anglophone regions, a war declared by Mr. Biya on the citizens of that part of the Cameroons and which has seen the death of thousands of youths, the displacement of hundreds of thousands of citizens who are presently taking refuge in the bushes, fleeing from military brutality. Hundreds of villages have been razed by the military and given the present circumstances, Mr. Biya being intransigent to the much-demanded frank and open dialogue requested by international community, went ahead to organize the presidential elections as if to first consolidate his power for more repression.

The African Union delegation which had quickly rushed into the country prior to the elections seems to have given its recognition of what most people regard as sham elections.

Kwesi Ahoomey-Zunu, head of African Union observation mission for Cameroon’s election told reporters that Cameroon’s Presidential polls went generally well despite hitches from the country’s North West and South West regions.”

“I do not have an exact evaluation of how things unfolded but by information I obtained, we can say the situation was not too good (in the anglophone regions). In spite of that I think my appraisal is positive,” Kwesi said.

This brings to question the role of the African Union which is supposed to have acted to mitigate the present humanitarian crisis in the regions, broker a peaceful settlement of the crisis yet it was quick to rush in and later endorse the conduct of the elections. It would be recalled that the African Union commission chairman has earlier appeared in Yaoundé and left without real concrete action as to the settlement of the crisis.

Is the African Union playing to the galleries?

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