Cameroons: Michelle Ndoki Victim of a Ruthless Regime: Opinion by Mimi Mefo

Opinion by Mimi Mefo
Michelle Ndoki: Victim Of A Ruthless Regime

From the day Maître Michel Ndoki exposed cases of electoral fraud before members of the constitutional council in October 2018, she stood out amongst many.
Michel Ndoki is described as the future of the new Cameroon rooted on justice, freedom of speech and the respect of human rights.

“I think I will want to change my career and become like Ndoki.” “Yes! Like the celebrated and selfless Ndoki.” “This lady has inspired me with her courage and wit. I want to be like Ndoki someday.”
These are some of the reactions from inspired young women in my country, who saw Michel Ndoki as an icon, an example worth emulating.
Besides fighting for the respect of democratic principles in Cameroon, Michel Ndoki has defended and fought for the oppressed.
She is one of the few female legal minds, who handled the case files of detainees of the Anglophone crisis as a personal matter.
I thought the regime must have learnt its lessons, seeing how deteriorating the Anglophone crisis has turned out to be. Following the arrest and detention of all those who represented the moderate voices, government nursed today’s full-blown civil war.
When you arrest a woman who has done nothing but exposed the ills, failures and flaws of the octogenarian-led regime, one who is hailed by the common man as a hero, what do you intend to achieve?
I am yet to confirm, but reports within the government circles say Michel Ndoki attempted to “illegally” leave Cameroon before she was arrested.
How can a citizen of a country leave her own country clandestinely? Was there an arrest warrant for her?
Is her arrest more important than tackling the war in Southern Cameroons, fighting corruption and providing jobs to the youth? Are these not some of the battles Michel Ndoki fought before becoming a target of the regime?

Arresting Michel Ndoki is a FATAL mistake! It is a monumental error committed by those who have transformed Cameroon into a totalitarian society.
Mehmet Murat Ildanonce said, “No dictator has a healthy mind because only a sick mind can be a dictator!”
He continued that:
“a bad government cannot only be called as a ‘bad’ government; the real adjective should be this: Enemy! Yes, bad government is a real enemy for the country it governs, an enemy within!”
Proof to Cameroon and the world that the regime is as strong as before and unafraid to lose power, by releasing Michel Ndoki and all those arrested unjustly.
Otherwise, keep “transforming nobodies into somebodies,” like a government minister once put it.
The world has its eyes on Cameroon and is aware of what is going on… Don’t be deceived! The Champaign party will soon end!

By Mimi Mefo T.

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