Cameroon: Prisoner arrested for impersonating Paul Biya

Unrepentant Prisoner in Kondengui ‘arrested’ after faking to be President Biya during a phone call To Nigerian Presidency and other foreign dignitaries.

The prisoner whose name is yet to be revealed by security forces was intercepted by Elements of special branch of the police after an investigation

From his cell in Kondengui, he called Buhari’s office on May 4th 2021 and pretended to be the Director of civil cabinet at the Presidency of the republic, insisting President Biya wants to talk with his Nigerian counterpart.

According to police reports on state radio, the Criminal also made similar calls to the ambassador of Gabon to Cameroon pretending to be President Biya and he reportedly extorted money from business men around the country and members of some UN agencies assigned to Cameroon through similar tactics of faking his identity either as the head of state or his Director or cabinet.

However his plans were hatched after Nigerian Presidency sent a correspondent to Yaounde following what its intelligence service believed was a strange call from a strange number.

Police did not immediately disclose if he actually talked to Buhari or not.

The head of national security was summoned at the Unity palace and investigations opened thereafter before he has napped

The man who is presently in prison for similar maneuvers is being investigated to know the full extend of the damage he has caused the state as we write

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