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We again publish this write-up following the announcement yesterday by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon, Philemon Yang of the Humanitarian Initiative of their government to take care of the refugees and internally displaced persons. In the usual demagogical fashion, this was the initiative of the 85-year-old insane dictator, Paul Biya. LRC Prime Minister Yang Philemon announces over 12.7 Billion CFA F Package to Buy Ambazonian Consciences.

News outlets in Yaoundé are this day awash with information that the government of 85-year-old ailing Biya has set aside the sum of 12,77 billion CFA F to be rolled out as emergency assistance to vulnerable populations on the Ambazonian territory. The said assistance will be dished out in three phases and will notably concern people internally displaced by the ongoing conflict in the region.

The move, Yaoundé authorities hold, is meant to get the people back from the forests and neighboring countries into their various villages of origin.

According to the concept document, a copy of which I have perused, the most important objective of the scheme is to promote LIVING TOGETHER among the various peoples.

Keen observers and stakeholders of the Southern Cameroons / Ambazonia restoration quest consider the allocation not only provocative, but as an attempt to corrupt the minds of the people and buy their consciences back into slavery.

Restorationists, other stakeholders wonder aloud how people whose villages are still being burnt daily and their children maimed, tortured, captured and killed should be expected to go collect a hate bait from the sake oppressors and killers?

From all indications, this project is a government plan to lure the people back into locations where they can better exterminate them “en masse”. This is why it is important for the peace loving, hardworking people of Ambazonia to ignore this latest prank from Yaoundé.

Mr. Yang Philemon is at this very moment, 2 PM Amba Time trying to make a mountain out of an Ant hill on the said irrelevant humanitarian assistance at the Star Building before the local and global press.

Freedom is coming soon!

Another activist had this criticism to make. “Biya declared war on us after he denied that there was a problem. Never addressed the issue; used force to try to solve the problem. Denied that he had used any force. 90 villages were burnt. They never acknowledged that their soldiers burnt any villages even with video and photographic evidence. They still denied it. Contested the number of refugees. With pressure mounted on them from all angles they plagiarised UNHCR plan to help refugees with no money to execute the project. Remember they have not even accepted that there are refugees or that houses were burnt. Let them come out and take responsibility for the burning and chasing of refugees. Mumu Anglophone elites have not questioned this octogenarian scallywag. They have been imposed an amount each to pay and they have complied sheepishly. The idiots don’t know that Biya wants to collect their money and buy bullets to slaughter their family members! When will these cursed relatives of ours learn? Is it a curse? We reject you all elites like these ants have rejected this sweet. May you all be #cursed!”

Looking at the proposed and so-called humanitarian plan, we have the following analyses to make:

  1. Guns and bullets are still flying high, soldiers and shooting indiscriminately as evidenced in a series of videos, villages are still being burnt down by the military, innocent civilians are still being murdered on a daily basis – targeted killings are still a daily phenomenon. This is clearly far from an atmosphere for offering humanitarian assistance. How do you plan to offer such assistance and at the same time there is no ceasefire from any side. The project lacks the necessary disposition and so it is a massive scam. It does not show any bit of conviction of the government to help the distressed populations in any way.
  2. The project has seriously questionable statistical discrepancies. The UN OCHA declared a total of 15.2 million dollars as the amount needed to take care of an estimated total of 160.000 refugees through various UN agencies. This amounts to about 8.5 Billion frs CFA. The LRC government gives a lower figure and declares and uncertain 18-month period to take care of them. This is clearly seen by many as a government scam as they have levied various sectors who normally speaking should not boast of such amounts of money if they are not going to embezzle it.
  3. This is the same government that questioned the Catholic authorities some time back and blocked humanitarian aid to the distressed populations earlier. What has happened that they suddenly show concern to the same people while the soldiers are still on a rampage, and causing the same atrocities. The Cameroon government has reportedly banned the Catholic Church from extending humanitarian aid to persons fleeing the security crisis in the restive Anglophone regions. According to a journalists with Equinoxe TV, a renown priest had bee questioned for distributing foodstuff to people stranded by the ongoing crisis. “I am reliably informed that church leaders have been banned from assisting displaced anglophones who fled military brutality and burnings of their houses. A renown man of God has equally received a query from the state for distributing foodstuff to the people in despair,” Mimi Mefo said in a tweet. (Source
  4. The project is questionable in its very essence. Who actually has taken the initiative to offer humanitarian assistance? Is it Paul Biya who is the Commander in chief of the Armed Forces and according to which the war is still going on or is it the so called privileged slaves – the anglophone elites who have taken the initiative to organize this. From whom is it coming Paul Biya, or the elites who as usual must pay allegiance to the demagogue by submitting their initiative to his whims and caprices. This is seen clearly as the regime attempt to raise more money for the war. The aid to the regime has been frozen by several western powers and now being left on its own, it has no other way than to dupe the citizens and raise money for the senseless and useless war in the name of humanitarian assistance.
  5. It is easier to destroy than to rebuild. The LRC regime which has not been able to execute normal projects around the country still hopes to realize an emergency humanitarian plan within 18 months. This is a government that is notorious for a catalogue of failures, misappropriation of funds meant for the realization of various projects even the most illustrious ones, and they hope to do so in 18 months. Fake promises of course.

Some essential questions come to mind:

  1. Can the LRC government adequately pay for the lives they have carelessly wasted in the Southern Cameroons and are they aware that there are legal tags to the catalogue of atrocities committed by their military on the ground?
  2. Do you just declare a senseless and useless war, kill a good part of the people over whom you had a leadership responsibility, and then you just quietly come and throw some bit of aid in the hope that the people will stay quiet and then you go free unaccountable for your actions?

And we can continue to ask a myriad of disturbing questions…


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