The worry of a citizen of Cameroon in Facebook read as follows:

To Colonel Didier Badjeck, head of the communications department in the Ministry of Defense and the minister of defense Joseph Beti Assomo, the video circulating on the internet today does not look good. I heard the killer is one of your capora chef called COBRA and he works at BCG quatier general foyer . I also heard, he was your class of 2015 which is also in charge of warfare. please do your investigate and inform the public.

We write this in reaction to the video that has now gone viral which showed the military from the Cameroon Army, leading and shooting to death some women and children, because of the offense of their parents (as one of the shooters is heard to have said in French in the video). While the video is presently trending already, and while the whole world is stunned at such barbaric action of the Cameroon military, carrying out ISIS-styled murder on the defenseless women carrying their babies on their backs and some children, we have received, as usual mixed reactions. While some Francophones have quickly shoved the video aside as being a false stitch, the horror of the video still stuns the world to its core. No human rights activist, no human rights organization, no humanitarian organization can afford to stay quiet in the face of this horror coming from an army that has become very notorious in recent times for carrying out summary executions, targeted killings, gruesome torture and murder of innocent and vulnerable civilians. As if this were not enough, the soldiers proudly record their heinous crimes, send them on social media, probably in a hope to deter and frighten others especially in the restive Southern Cameroons.

In defense of the Military

On several occasions, various government ministers have been heard justifying the actions of the military and insisting, that the Cameroon military is acting very professionally. Those who have been heard over the state and other media include Joseph Beti Assomo the Defence Minister, Atanga Nji Paul, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Issa Tchiroma, the Minister for communications and spokesperson of the government of Cameroon. Meanwhile, an outrageous response to this video has been produced by Colonel Didier Badjeck who acts as Communications person for the military and who a few hours ago, has insisted that this is mere blackmail. On several occasions, Issa Tchiroma has openly told the international and national press, that the so-called terrorists have often taken military uniform and worn to perpetrate these acts, which means these acts are not being committed by the Cameroon Military which he persistently insists have been doing a professional job.

Those Concerned are Not the Fighters or the ‘terrorists’

Experience on the ground shows the contrary of what these government individuals have been claiming. Even in war, the women and children are not supposed to be the targets of the military. In the particular video, the murderer is seen torturing a woman and informing her she is going to die. He and his accomplice are seen shooting babies repeatedly to make sure they are dead.


Other Crimes For which the Cameroon Military has been Notorious

They have been seen razing villages, and this has been confirmed with satellite images and some of them still using UN Blue caps during the operations. They have been seen beheading the helpless civilians and mutilating them in ISIS style of killing with false and baseless accusations of what the innocent do not even understand. They have been seen shooting innocent civilians and framing them up (shooting them to death and putting den guns into their hands so that they look like the Southern Cameroons, pro-independence fighters. A personal testimony from a defected military in Buea, actually confirms that they were given firm instructions to kill at least 1.500 youths in each area of operation. They have been seen torturing and forcing nursing mothers to swim in thick mud for long distances. They have been seen torturing a helpless civilian, under the guise and pretense that he was a pro-independence general. They have been seen in several localities impersonating and committing acts of looting, arson and other unspeakable crimes.

The Question Still Remains

What kind of professionalism are these gentlemen talking about with regards to the Cameroon military? We challenge them for once to come out and admit these glaring crimes against humanity. We challenge the Cameroonian authorities to dare to stop this brutality against unarmed civilians. We challenge the above gentlemen to come out and explain to the national and international opinion what has eroded the rule of law both in the military and with themselves?



The Military in Cameroon: Manipulative Tool of Unscrupulous Politicians

The useless and senseless war declared on a peace-loving people and part of the citizens of the Republic of Cameroon by President Paul Biya is a crime for which he should be held accountable. The various unscrupulous utterances of these and other ministers of the Cameroon government are themselves the reason for which they should immediately be brought to book. It is not normal, that the Cameroon government should continue and insist on eliminating each and every one who differs with them. It is not normal, that the Cameroon government should continue to eliminate political opponents and those whom they consider enemies of the systems. It is not normal, that the Military Tribunal should continue doing what is out rightly against international law. It is not normal that Cameroon should represent a danger to the Central African region and attempt to drag the other countries into its demagogy and kleptocracy by continuously flaunting international law unabated. The high number of defections from the Cameroon military is due to the senselessness of the war declared without proof on the people which is only a continuous exercise of the brutal dictatorship and repression of the people of Cameroon. If the president of the country is the only one who is right, then he actually holds the people both administrators and citizens of the country as hostages.

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