Are 3 African Leaders Involved In Cross-Border Political Crimes? by Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

Togo, Cameroon and Nigeria in International Political Crimes

Two events have prompted this writeup. First, the dust is yet to settle on the forceful and brutal abduction of pro-independent leaders of the Southern Cameroons and some almost 50 refugees back to Cameroon. Secondly, as reported by the blogger and Togolese born human rights activist, Farida Nabourema Bemba, police in the unstable state of Togo ruled by another brutal Dictator, crossed into neighbouring Ghana in an attempt to arrest and bring back another fleeing citizen of Togo. These two cases, bring to attention the attitude and phenomenon of state complicity in international crimes against human rights and freedoms. It would be recalled that Paul Biya, the brutal dictator that has refused to relinquish power even against the advice and criticism of the international community, who has continuously stolen elections victory in Cameroon and whose country has been systematically disintegrating in all sectors, is the perpetrator of the recent crime against asylum seekers and refugees with the complicity of Mohammadu Buhari and his secret police in Nigeria.


In as much as this is blatantly against international law, a violation of the rights of the individuals and owing to the fact that these countries involved in these crimes have not official extradition treaties, we are wont to call the attention of the international community and of the various international instruments to watch out the new phenomenon of dictators. These are the overflows of the brutal repressive machineries that exist in these chaotic countries that are systematically engaged in the elimination of political opponents and people who differ with the high handed governance of these leaders. By all legal estimations, they have outlived their usefulness and overstayed their welcome in the political scenes in these respective countries and have persistently refused to quit power.


A critical look at these and other similar dictatorships in Africa reveals a situation of disintegration of the legal, educational, health and developmental systems and a wanton involvement and exaggeration of the role of the military which is being used as repressive tools instead of the due protection of the countries. The military and the police are incapable of maintaining a clear stance in political matters in these countries and have most often served as death squads for the systematic elimination of the political opponents of these leaders. The legal system has been twisted to and fro according to the whims and caprices of these dictators.


The international community has to pay attention to the principle of non-refoulment and related international laws and to ensure that these are being followed even by these dictators. The African Union, which has been described by many, as a mere effigy of itself and a toothless dog in modern times, is incapable of solving and insisting on the rule of law in and around Africa. Dictators have no right to flaunt international law and go free; dictators have no right to extend the broken rule of law, or rather the rule of the jungle that obtains in their various dictatorships to other countries. Many wonder, what happened to territorial integrity and the rule of law. The United Nation has also often been criticized for it complicity and collusion with corrupt leaders merely cajoling them and trading in human calamity around the world and especially in Africa. Some western countries have become, notorious among which is France have insistently twisted the political process especially in French Africa and this has led to the backwardness that is typical of these French colonies who are being systematically stripped of their resources without corresponding development and through the complicity of puppets for leaders.

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