African Countries! Stop the Mad Rush! Beware of China! By Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

Our reflection and opinion expressed in this write up is coming after alarms have starting ringing about China’s real aims and intentions with regards to their businesses and diplomatic relations with Africa. The news about seizure of state property and structures in Zambia which the Zambian government is struggling to cover is not good news and demands that the rest of the African countries and especially those rogue regimes of Africa who are now and then rushing to China in the mad chase for Chinese money should step back and rethink their strategies. If we are not careful, we could be selling off our people and continent to a more wicked and more malicious colonizer than the west and all the other accomplices. The wanton and unscrupulous occupation of land in Cameroon, the teaching of Mandarine in Nigeria, the Security in South Africa, and other road and telecommunications infrastructures in other African countries and not just a mark of the genuine intentions of China to cooperate with Africa and assist Africa, but could be that in the midst of looting, corruption, capital flight, exploitation, dictatorship, repression and confusion reminiscent of many African regimes, China like a skilled craftsman is carefully and swiftly pushing her communist colonialism into the free zones and arable lands of Africa.

(180904) — BEIJING, Sept. 4, 2018 (Xinhua) — A panel with the theme “Enhancing Infrastructure Cooperation for Sustainable Development” is held at the High-level Dialogue Between Chinese and African Leaders and Business Representatives, also the Sixth Conference of Chinese and African Entrepreneurs, in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 4, 2018. (Xinhua/Li Xin)(mp)

We the people of Africa, will hold the regimes responsible for this new sellout to a new master whom we consider is more malicious and the African leaders are doing a great job to silence the voices of genuine concerns and worries about the true motives and intentions of China in Africa. It is an immediate and absolute necessity to re-think drastically the essence of Sino-African relationships rather than cheaply trade our resources and services and hard-earned structures to a new slave master who has no pity. African regimes actually disgraced themselves at the recent China-African summit, where a range of leaders appeared like miserable beggars to the master, the Chinese president who dished out crumbs of Chinese money in exchange for huge fortunes. This is the crux of the entanglements which the African leaders and mostly those rogue regimes that appeared like beggars have refused to see.

The most obnoxious is the teaching of Mandarine in African schools, and notably some schools inn Zambia, Nigeria and especially the customs service in Nigeria. Mandarine as a language is good, and anyone out of his or her freewill can learn any language, but when it is skillfully inserted as part of a colonial package, it becomes a prerequisite to a totally different game altogether.

We are adding our voice to those of numerous Africans and Pan-Africanists who are insisting that there is a great necessity for a total overhaul of the Sino-African relationship which smacks of a new and unredeemable colonialism from which Africa cannot come out. Uncountable examples also abound in various parts of Africa, notably in Kenya where the Chinese citizens are already demonstrating their obscene treatment of Africans and showing no respect for the land and the people whose land they occupy. Cameroonians are suffering in silence at the hands of Chinese landlords and investors who exploit the locals in a manner that can only be described as more wicked version of modern slavery.

Africa! And specifically African leaders and those rogue regimes that are fast trading the future of Africa to China, we call on you, rethink and reshape and beware of China.

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