A Letter to the Dissident Mayor of Buea by Mola Emmanuel; friend in Secondary School



Dear Brother Patrick Ekema,

We sincerely thank you for your courage in calling for this real march of the year and a show of solidarity. It is a great initiative from a ‘great man’ like you.

I would have loved to be there in person but I have some questions to ask you before I ever show up. Others might like to understand as well and not be led by their noses as you are trying to do.

It is sad that the chiefs are suffering and anybody in their right senses should not complain. In fact there have been too many holdups and illegal arrests happening everywhere including the North West Region. This war needs to come to an end and your efforts I that direction are very welcome.

You have a very wonderful idea but there is something on the inside that eats me up about you.


Should people follow you blindly just because you are from the South West and also because you are a mayor?

The question that begs for an answer is whether you have what it takes as character to be followed? Is your word truth? Is it gold?


A few months ago, it surfaced that you cheated at secondary and high school and did not have the certificates that would allow you to get a Masters degree and the Bachelor degrees you have now. You also worked in the University of Buea where you could have possibly cooked up the books. This is what surfaced to the general public. I am not making it up. You also heard about it. Right?

I know you so well because we were in school together and you were always amongst the first ten in class. In fact, these Graffi Fellows do not really know you otherwise they would just shut up.

I was away but understand that the University of Buea took you to court to prove your innocence about these fake certificates of yours.

What surprises me is that anyone would waste his or her time to be doing such a foolish thing when the records are there to show that you have always been a great student. But what surprised me most was the fact that you and your lawyers worked so hard to block the University of Buea from continuing with its search for truth. It is on record that they were even threatened because of you.

Knowing you, personal as I do, I still do not understand why you had to go to such lengths to make a cover up for your excellence. In fact I would have been glad to stand by you in court as a witness in your favor. It is good to expose the naked truth and shame the Devil once and for all. Do you accept this principle, brother? We got the truth on our side so what are we afraid of for heaven’s sake?

The bottom line is that if you actually cheated at the ‘O’ Levels, ‘A’ Levels and the University as they claim you did, then that makes a bad situation worse. That will be adding insult to injury.

Let us look at a few facts:

That might probably explain why you are always making so much noise, running around and blaming everyone except yourself. That is the conclusion some ill-intentioned persons are peddling. They say that empty vessels make the loudest noise and they think there are no exceptions to the rule including even you. This is outright malice.

Others think that your management of the Buea council has not seen any theft and malpractice and that is why you are so bold to speak because you have no skeletons in your cupboard to hide from the law. I have challenged them that if they do have any evidence to that effect, they should make it available to the public. CONAC is there and they have nothing against you. That is a plus for you and you can actually climb the Buea Mountain and shout from there and still have a good sleep.

The bad news as I must tell you, is that there shall soon be a new government in place. If that happens, all your umbrellas and boots that used to protect and hide you will be of no use. Trust me. In that case, all your strategies and alibis will melt away in the presence of the light called TRUTH.

I will encourage you to start hunting for some very good lawyers and put them on a good pay roll because it is not going to be funny. That University of Buea case will be used as a good example to correct the rest of the country. We need to cure the nation of fraudsters.

Again, as sound advice, please, be showing your deputy where you have hidden some things as well as the secret files so that once in prison in Buea, they can continue to work without your help.

Thirdly, it will be in your interest to go up to the prison in Buea and do some renovation works out there. You can use the excuse of philanthropy to make sure that the place is decent. If Marafat knew he would be going to prison, he would have made Kondegui descent. To be forewarned is to forearmed. Are we not lucky?

I am giving you sound advice for free. Create a special IVP section so that some of us can also use it if the rope misses your neck. Make it as comfortable as possible. Make sure there is running hot water and that the toilets function. Put in television and nice beds. Add a cooker and microwave for hot meals and a refrigerator since we have the chance and some money. It is better to err on the side of plenty. What do you think brother? We are using council funds so there is no excuse here. Time is not on our side brother.

Good luck and nice day. We wish you a wonderful meeting tomorrow Tuesday July 31st 2018. This day will go down into the annals of history as the day a crook wants to show the world the light. That is what some ill-intentioned people are saying not knowing that you are a very good man. For instance, you do not go to church because your pastors in Buea are crooked and the Cardinal is a liar.

God bless you. In any case, just make sure you do not propagate hate speech,jumping fro the frying pan to the fire is not a good move.  Do not incite violence, do not recreate a Rwanda because the …..

Sorry, I ran out of ink. Bye and good luck. Think and think well before you move. I will remind you of some of the jokes we used to share at school. Might be you will not remember me much because you were a bully and all we did was admire you from the sidelines. Be Wise. I know wisdom is not cheap and that is why I caution you. At some point in life, you need more wisdom than muscle.

Your brother,

Mola Emmanuel Ikome.

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