A Catalogue of Sorrows And the Imminent End of the Brutal Rogue Regime in Cameroon by Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

This particular write up is spurred by the recent withdrawal of CAF hosting rights from the Republic of Cameroon coupled with other political and economic woes closing in like dominoes on the regime of Paul Biya. What happens to a regime that has twisted its laws throughout the years to suit the whims and caprices of those in power. What happens to a regime that has praised evil and destroyed good? What happens to a regime that has systematically pretended to itself to face the truth? What happens to a regime that has pretended both to the international community, to its citizens and to itself that it is capable of solving every problem while at the same time showing massive incompetence in the handling of numerous crises plaguing its autocratic demagogy? What happens to a regime that has continuously been divisive in its approach to governance, that has not been keen on developing the country but that has become overtly notorious in the international scene for wanton abuses of human rights, for genocide, for crimes against humanity, for war crimes for praising its brutal military when it embarks in war crimes, for actively perpetrating the reign of terror and for open discrimination and marginalization of its minority populations? What happens to a regime that has just one solution to every problem – a military solution? What happens to a regime that has systematically deprived the people of their rights to various amenities and services and yet they cannot complain because they are being brutally repressed? What happens to a regime that has instead of working out valuable conventions and treaties for the benefit and future of its youthful and industrious citizens, thinks that bribery and corruption on international and industrial scale is the only way to cajole the international community to turn a blind eye to its atrocities? What happens to a regime, that rules through countless and most often meaningless and contradictory sets of decrees which are often so far removed from the reality on the ground and only smack of the high-handedness of its perpetrators and surrogates?

This is the kind of thinking that has been classified by the regime as using hate language, and inciting terrorism for which according to its brutal repressive laws you merit execution and death. This is not new! However, it is important to note that the tides are beginning to change. There comes a time in a people’s history when, as the songwriter Bob Marley, says “you can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the time”. Growing awareness and resistance towards the ridiculous handling of issues, towards electoral holdup, fraud and theft of votes, towards political repression especially of the frank and critical opinions of the citizens. There is growing awareness and resistance towards incompetence, exploitation of the masses, exploitation of the young, towards corruption and capital flight, towards unjust laws, towards failed justice system, educational system, legal system, etc. etc.

And now, there seem to have come the time of reckoning. The withdrawal of hosting rights by CAF, due to Cameroon’s unpreparedness is a glaring example of the fruits that this regime is beginning to reap of its evil systems in place. How the citizens, at least, those good intentioned and peace loving citizens of Cameroon, wished that the regime should frankly realize that it has been engaged in an unrescuable downward spiral to its complete eclipse and from which it cannot redeem itself. It is a clear indication, that the brutal dictatorship of Cameroon is riding to its end. It is not possible, that from the present sanctions, pressure from all sides and crises, the regime could ever dream of standing back on its feed. Everything is falling like dominoes or better still, like a heap of stones upon the regime and there is not rescue. The handwriting is clearly written on the wall for even the blind to see. The brutal regime propagated by Paul Biya cannot, hope to come back to its former dispensation where it used to deceive the world of a peaceful country, of Africa in miniature due to its exaggerated acts of repression, brutality against its own citizens, crimes against humanity, genocide and other economic and social crimes of the regime. The end is certainly in view and Cameroonians should gird themselves with their civic rights to prepare for a better succession that could be more people oriented, if its colonial masters will not maintain their usual obscene hegemony over it. In actual fact, Cameroonians should actually punish this regime for its massive betrayal of its citizens, because after all, we had earlier predicted, that after everything, they will still turn to the citizens for more money through innumerable crooked methods of taxes and thievery.

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