A Brief chat with Cardinal Tumi by Neba Nathan

I had the opportunity to briefly chat with the man of God and I went straight to the point.

Cardinal why call AGC?

I have a moral responsibility to contribute to peace. This war is senseless and we must do all to stop it else people will keep dying and dying. The killings are just too much. I am not a politician. I am a priest and all am doing is just as a priest.

But Cardinal do you know about Ambazonia?

I was ordained priest in 1966. What I know about this country even Mr Biya does not know. The truths that I can speak no politician can do it. These truths are best spoken in such a forum.

True Your eminence but don’t you think your AGC compromises the independence of Ambazonia?

How do you mean? Look there are things you don’t know. The conference is open to all. I know all the opinions people have. We are not united. Its a forum for us to come out with a unique position. We must start from somewhere. Its just the first step.

Your eminence what about assertions that you are being manipulated by Dr Munzu?

Hahahahaha if you think I can be manipulated then you don’t know me. If you want to dribble me I will dribble you. The holy father trusted me before appointing me a cardinal. No I can assure you. Just watch on.

My comment

We must give this great man a chance. We know he has always been the major threat to Yaoundé either with Ahidjo or Biya.

Any body against AGC does not love the southern Cameroons.

There are things I cant post here but I will oppose anyone who will oppose AGC.

Instead of being afraid of this conference, Ambazonians should hijack it and legitimise their struggle and send their message across. Let’s make use of every opportunity. This is a golden opportunity.

May God help us all.

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