Who are the Federalists in Cameroon by Dr. Atemnkeng

1. They are people who say the rules of international law should not apply to our case; we should all just pretend that we have always been a part of LRC, and that we are simply a tribe under LRC!

2. Federalists are people who hold the people of the Southern Cameroons in such low esteem that they wonder, together with LRC, how we can even talk of justice, truth, cite international law, have human rights, talk of ruling ourselves or ask to be treated other than a conquered people.

3. They are people who indulge in the blasphemy, together with LRC, that the people of the Southern Cameroons made a free gift of themselves, their territory, government, resources and posterity to LRC to then become LRC’s slaves.

4. They are people who want to lure the People of the Southern Cameroons to commit the suicide of taking themselves completely out of the international system by going into a federation with LRC. A federation is tantamount to renouncing our protections under international law, since after that, no country will be willing to listen to us! It is the most dreaded thing in all this talk about federation!

5. They are persons who believe that because they can speak French and pick up a job in LRC, there is no other issue to talk about. After all, they have no concept of People!

6. They are people who accept the illegal occupation and annexation of the Southern Cameroons by LRC and want to do everything, together with LRC, to preserve that annexation and illegal occupation.

7. They are people who have no concept of the difference between individual rights and a People’s rights. When you cite international instruments protecting our People’s rights, they are offended to even hear them and turn their minds to their falsities.

8. They are people who talk about federation without asking themselves by what means LRC would ever respect the terms of any agreement we enter into with them. For them, a sheep and wolf can make agreements!

9. They are people who say that 57 years of tyranny, deceit, lies and fraud under LRC should be swept under the carpet and we just continue to talk about federation as if they don’t count. They don’t want us to talk about justice or any facts of our history at all; for them, justice and truth should not apply to us; slavery is our fate.

10. They are people who join LRC in asserting that the Southern Cameroons was created by God to be bound to LRC forever; it is a sin for Southern Cameroons to even talk of its freedom. They refuse to see the fraud and mischief of LRC on the Southern Cameroons.

11. They help LRC in its apartheid and fraud that the people of the Southern Cameroons are unfit to govern themselves and their territory; they must be governed by the foreign and superior people of LRC and accept their status of slaves. They were made to sing the foreign anthem of LRC, to fly the colonial flag, and to live under its alien laws. How dare they even think of singing their own anthem or flying their own flag? That is reserved for their superiors!

12. They are people who say they are afraid to fight now for a life of eternal freedom; they believe that it is better to be a slave forever than to fight to be free. They say they fear that only war can free us, but refuse to see that the war has already been declared, not by us, but by our slave master.

13. They are people who refuse to see how all other countries in the world freed themselves from foreign subjugation. Is there any country in the world that did not have to fight for its freedom? To them, Southern Cameroons would be the first country to fight for its freedom! In fact, they live in an artificial world of their own in which they refuse to consult the history of the world; they refuse even to acknowledge that the Africa in which they live was won by blood and sweat; that even the great America had to wage war to be free, and so on.

14. In short, federalists are people with extremely distorted minds, without a knowledge of human history; people who reject the very facts of our own history or refuse altogether to consider them; who say that we should not apply international law to our case but Cameroon can apply it to its own cases; people who believe that peace and harmony can exist without justice; people who refuse to see that colonisation, apartheid, slavery trade and other grave human ills did not end without a fight against them; people who refuse to learn even from Foncha’s own experience with LRC. They seem to be hynotised either by fear or by the little benefits they get from their slave situation.

15. The rest of the people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia should lift their minds above this animal level of existence. If only we had a few people who could see far ahead like Endeley, we would not be where we are today. But Federalists are insisting to plant their own seeds of future wars by reverting to this so-called federation with a people who have no notion of federation at all. Federation is an Anglo-saxon concept. It does not exist to French-trained minds. It is another hell we are looking to enter into.

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