Togo: Togo is being Wiped out at the 63rd Session on Human and People’s Rights by Farida N. Bemba

Togo is being wiped out at the 63th ordinary session of human and people s’ rights that is taking place at the moment in banjul.

A year ago we were in banjul a request at the level of the African commission on human and people s’ rights to demand investigations and sanctions against the government of Togo, which decided to violate freedom of expression and access to information Of the togolese people by cutting the internet in September 2017, as well as the repression of demonstrations resulting in serious deaths and injuries.

This morning the rapporteur on togo rémy ngoy lumbu does not mince his words at the place of the togolese state that he accuses of being liberticidal through many of his arbitrary decisions such as the cut-off of the internet, the closure of television channels and radio As well as the arrest of Assiba Johnson, a human rights defender accused of publishing false information, such a proven crime does not deserve the rapporteur’s arrest and detention.

The President of the Lawrence mute session condemned the freedom and arbitrary acts of the government of Togo: “we do not use a hammer to kill the mosquito” by referring to the cut-off of the internet by the togolese government that presented it As a security measure during public demonstrations.

The Rapporteur on togo also regrets that, to date, the government of Togo has not established a special police unit to investigate human rights violations and excessive use of force by security forces resulting in death. Several citizens. It also calls for the open media to be open and submit a list of recommendations to the togolese government

The Chairman of the commission indicated that a follow-up mission led by the human rights rapporteur for Togo will be sent to ensure that the togolese state applies the recommendations as indicated by the rapporteur.

Farida Bemba

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