THERE IS NO OTHER WAY BEFORE US, OTHER THAN TO FIGHT as Published by Dave WANTANGWA, paraphrasing Gorji Dinka by Kemira A


International law does not regard you (of southern Cameroons) as people of Cameroonian nationality. From 1st Jan. 1960, international law recognises inhabitants of (French speaking) la Republique du Cameroun as people of Cameroonian nationality.there can be NO Cameroun nationality outside of la republique du Cameroun. If you decide to use camerounian nationality as a flag of convenience, as in football, is because you decided to use it as such but international law doesn’t recognize you as camerounians! And the treaty of Foumban (July 1961) Article 1, goes to spell it out. It states

“Nationals of the federated states shall become Cameroonian citizens and shall possess Cameroonian nationality”.

This means , when your country which was then called the UNITED NATIONS TRUST TERRITORY OF SOUTHERN CAMEROONS UNDER UNITED KINGDOM ADMINISTRATION, that’s how they described your country, is that the name of a country? These identifications -by-description only determine that you are not Cameroonians.
It says: when your country accepts to become a federated state in the federal republic of Cameroun, then you acquire the right to become Cameroonian citizens and by consequences possess Cameroonian nationality. But is your country now a federated state in the federal republic of Cameroon? Is there a federal republic of Cameroon??? Ofcourse NO.
So you acquired Cameroonian nationality only by treaty. And once that treaty is abrogated, you are no longer Cameroonians. Then what are you?
Eventually, the brilliant scholar (president Paul biya) came and decided to proclaim the secession law 84/001 of 4th February. 1984 by which he formalised the secession of former East Cameroun into “la republique du Cameroun” by that secession, he opened the way. God works in mysterious ways, as long as the southern Cameroons/Ambazonia was in this dubious association called “united republic of Cameroon” there was a fiction of “unity” existing even though under international law, it had collapsed. This is the golden principle of extinction and creation of states.
From the moment southern Cameroons-a state-joined la republique du Cameroun, to form the federal republic of Cameroun, under international law, the two member states go extinct , and the new state is created. i.e. there is an extinction of old states and creation of a new state. Now, when the treaty that brought these together collapses, as it did (1972), the federal republic of Cameroon become extinct. That state is extinct. And AUTOMATICALLY AND SIMULTANEOUSLY-with that extinction, The original member states are RESUSCITATED. These are the principles of international law concerning creation and extinction of states. Now we have the state of la republique du Cameroun today, where is the state of southern Cameroons?????

Recently Mr biya Paul carried out a catechism exercise in Buea (1983) he told the people
“Iam a camerounian, I was born a camerounian, and I shall remain a camerounian” and the people we shouting and repeating after him. Biya studied law in Paris . He knows that under international law, YOU and myself (Ambazonians) are not Cameroonians and the treaty that gave us Cameroon nationality had been abrogated. So it was necessary for him to imprint on your subconscious the nationality of Cameroonian inorder for him to rule your country as a colony under the pretext that it’s part of Cameroon. Why did he not perform this catechism in his own country? Why didn’t he go to EBOLOWA to say “iam a Cameroonian” or “je suis camerounais”? Because the people are Cameroonians under international law. But you who are not Cameroonians must be made to believe that you are. And once you believe, you participate in their institutions of la republique du Cameroun as citizens of Cameroun “outre-mer”(a territorial possession) among themselves (francophones) they call you “Cameroon outre-mungo” why must your Cameroon be tagged with this qualifier?? because you are not Cameroonians! And must be made or forced to believe you are.
And the moment you accept you are not Cameroonians, and decide that you must assert your own identity, then you’ve started a fight.
They might confuse you and the international community that we are a minority and so it’s an internal problem. NO, we are not dealing with a minority problem. We are talking about a stolen state. The state of southern Cameroons.

Article 76 of the UN charter limits the trusteeship to only two alternatives for a state. You either develop the state to self-government or to independence. The UN is under an obligation. A legal obligation (not a moral one) to implement that.
We had a system..the only system where a seating government could conduct elections and be defeated by the opposition (1958). Dr. E.M Endeley conducted elections and was defeated by J.N. Foncha . Nowhere had it happened in Africa. Nowhere.!now they tell us that we voted in a referendum on the 20th may 1972 that we should be ruled from yaounde as a colony??? Where on earth have half-intelligent human beings, having attained this level of political development, (ever) volunteered that a country which was less politically sophisticated (French cameroun) -a country of bandits…should come and ruled them? Voluntarily ask for them to come and wipe away the house of chiefs, house of parliament, house of assembly, marketing board, powercam, etc and you have come to believe that is what your parents did??
Note here that there was massive fraud in CCAST Bambili and all other places during that referendum. With that gigantic fraud, Adhidjo used to say the people had accepted that I rule their lives for them.
But the question is this: was a referendum mentioned in the treaty of Foumban (July 1961) as a mode of modifying that treaty? If the answer is “yes” then we are condemned to be where we are. If the answer is “NO” then we have every right to revolt against an arbitrary government! It is a government that is illegal, and it is illegal to obey an illegal government. That is the course which God has set us forward and wstood thise are not stepping one step back!! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY BEFORE US, OTHER THAN TO FIGHT . This is the genesis of the reckless human slaughter/genocide in Ambazonia. Hope you have understood today? Help the courageous men and women who have already understood this and are putting Thier lives on the line for the young nation of Ambazonia, pray for them, encourage them, give them food and intelligence, ARM THE AMBA SOLDIERS, CHANGE THE DANE GUNS TO AK-S, only then shall we all survive as a people and assert our identity by recovering our stolen state.

Long live the federal republic of Ambazonia.
Words of Fon Gorji Dinka paraphrased by Kemira Akenji, the fearless AmbaQueen, proudly Ambazonian. God bless you and God bless Ambazonia

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