The UN Human Rights Council: Obsessed or Bewitched? By Mbiydzenyuy Dave WANTANGWA

We are bringing to you this reflection or write-up in reaction to the recent admissions into the UN Human Rights Council. The following countries have recently been admitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council with the following corresponding voting results. Cameroon – 91%; Eritrea – 83%; Somalia – 88%; Bahrain – 85%; Bangladesh – 92% and Philippines – 85%. This has been a great cause for concern in recent days and has received a serious backlash all over the world especially on Social media; a serious cause for concern because these respective countries have horribly disturbing, questionable and unspeakable human rights abuses records.

In the words of John J. Sullivan, Acting Secretary of State, in 2017, “States that restrict freedoms of expression and peaceful assembly; that allow and commit violence against members of religious, ethnic, and other minority groups; or that undermine the fundamental dignity of persons are morally reprehensible and undermine our interests”. (cf. Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2017). You can check the records of the various countries in the following link:

The admission of these countries raises a series of questions as to what the United Nations Human Rights Council is meant to achieve for humanity? What is its purpose for humanity? What does it hope to achieve for humanity? Why would the UN Human Rights Council consciously decide to admit and with overwhelming results, these same countries with horrible human rights records and who is at the back of such a ridicule of true concern for humanity? What does this make of the UN Human rights council? Is there anything these countries can offer to push forward the protection of human rights in the world apart from covering up the skeletons in their cupboards and using the UN to prove their credibility to the world? These same countries are guilty of one crime or the other against humanity, hideous crimes for that matter, so while these crimes are being perpetrated on a daily basis, they would want to legislate for the world! There is however, no way that the UN can do this without putting itself to great disrepute and ridicule. By admitting the very countries that have become morally reprehensible and which undermine the interests of humanity is a big blow to the role the UN Human Rights Council is meant to perform for humanity.

It is worrisome when rogue regimes are transformed into arbiters of human rights in the world. Can they truly defend humanity in the face of the same abuses that have wrought these same regimes, or have they not found an international instrument to legitimize their terrible human rights records? Does the United Nations Human Rights Council aspire to trade in human calamity?

Does the UN Human Rights Council have any integrity anymore and would it want to be taken seriously? The UN Human Rights Council is a travesty, that is tragically taking humanity for granted.

It becomes necessary that the world should not stand idle and watch humanity being put into disarray by rogue regimes, and the world body that is meant to protect humanity should not get away with this. The naming and shaming are already on social media, and should continue in more other quarters and carried to higher levels.

After all, was the United States of America not right to quit this international body because it fast became a massive embarrassment to humanity?


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