1. The Conveners are either acting on the instructions of Yaounde or under Yaounde’s protection. Who else can hold a Southern Cameroonian meeting at this time in the territory when in 57 years we were able to meet only twice in violation of colonial bans and intimidation? How come the conveners have so easily obtained permission to meet in war time when every other meeting is being monitored and broken up? Has the colonial regime been assured that no one in the meeting will talk about Southern Cameroon’s independence and freedom from illegal occupation?
  2. Calling a meeting in an atmosphere of fear, intimidation, war and brutality: Who can speak their mind in such a conference at this critical time when everyone who speaks for Ambazonia freedom is targeted for killing? Will a conference under these circumstances ever come close to a lasting solution or will it be attended only by those who echo the colonial government’s position?
  3. Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia liberation and nationalist movements not included among entities invited. Does this tell you anything?
  4. The conveners say their General Anglophone Conference is to prepare for a yet-to-be-announced national dialogue. So why do they not wait until their so-called national dialogue is called before they convene their conference? Who told them that there will be any national dialogue when neither Parliament nor Senate has given a minute to the crisis and when dictator Biya has rejected all calls for dialogue from the UN, AU, EU, Commonwealth and many countries? Are the conveners under some illusion that if dialogue were to be called Ambazonians would not be given time to prepare or that the dialogue will expire before we are ready?
  5. The conveners also request dictator Biya to fulfill certain conditions for their conference to hold. So why not wait until the conditions are fulfilled? How do you set a date for a meeting when the conditions for holding the meeting are not yet met? Will the conference not hold if the conditions are not met? Have they been promised that the conditions will be met?
  6. The conveners continue to use colonial language of “Anglophone”, “national dialogue”, “our country”, thus living in denial of the root causes of the Southern Cameroons conflict or buying the colonial government’s position. They dare not use the word Southern Cameroons or Ambazonia. They thereby betray who their master is! Are the conveners simply playing Biya’s game?
  7. Is the conference Biya’s tactic to let his elections hold within the territory of Ambazonia?
  8. To better deceive the people, they describe themselves as God’s children and mix illusory religious sentiment into their concoctions. Which God do they worship? God is a God of justice, not a god of illusions. There cannot be peace without justice. And justice demands that LRC leave the territory of the Southern Cameroons that it has illegally occupied since 1961. Justice demands that the people of the Southern Cameroons sing their own anthem, fly their own flag, live under their own laws, rule themselves within their international boundaries. Even earthly law says so. Justice forbids colonisation, illegal occupation of your neighbour’s house and subjugation of one people by another.

Fellow Ambazonians,

This meeting is Munzu’s  work. Everything in the document bears the marks of Munzu’s previous attempts to convene such a meeting. He has never ceased to conspire towards the annihilation of the people of the Southern Cameroons. He lives in denial of the root causes of the crisis. At first he said he was afraid of war and that any war will lead to all of us being killed. Now the war has been declared by the enemy and to his surprise and that of the enemy, we have not all been killed in one day. We are resisting the demons of Cameroon. But Munzu persists in subjugating us to this barbaric, cruel and evil country forever. We reject his manipulations.

There is absolutely no logic in the calling of their conference now. It has a completely different agenda from that of finding a solution to the crisis. No one has ever called a meeting for free expression in the midst of fear, intimidation and war, especially when the enemy who declared the war controls the environment, is still prosecuting the war and killing those to attend the meeting. Munzu’s conference is a complete hoax!

We ask all Ambazonians to condemn it; to stay away from it; to reject it. You go to the meeting at your own risk. The colonial spies will be there to mark those who speak about Ambazonian independence and freedom. They will stop at nothing to kill you thereafter. Only those protected by the colonial regime will attend.

Anyone interested in peace should be calling for a referendum for the people of the Southern Cameroons to pronounce themselves on their future. Anyone interested in dialogue should accept that the Cameroon that declared war cannot be the right party or the proper venue to hold any dialogue. Anyone who believes in a lasting solution must accept that there can be no solution without taking into account the wishes of the people. Anyone interested in ending the war should be calling on the person who declared the war to call off his war and demilitarize the territory of the Southern Cameroons. Don’t pretend that the people of Ambazonia have the power to end the war; they do not!  I guess the conveners of this conference also know all these facts, but since they have a different agenda, they think they can play on the intelligence of Ambazonians.

We thank you Ambazonians for understanding, for no longer allowing yourselves to be deceived.

Ambazonia will be free.

  1. Atemnkeng.

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