The Illusiveness of some Cameroonians by Dr. Edwin Bongaman Lukong

Some people are still living with the illusion that the situation in the English speaking part of Cameroon is that where a professional army is fighting a group of young and vulnerable bandits who are stupidly picking up arms because they are being hypnotised by cessationists living out of the country.

You have seen old men being forced to swim in mud by this so called army – their children have seen it as well!

You’ve seen people’s only source of income (bikes) burn down to Ashes for NO REASON – yet you continue to think that the young man whose parents borrowed the money to buy the bike was hypnotised by cessationist in the diaspora lol.

You’ve seen young girls crying out loud because they’ve been raped and many more who have kept their tears within their families – yet you continue to believe that their brothers who are equally seeing those tears are being influenced to fight by the diaspora lol.

You’ve seen women and children recklessly murdered inside their bedrooms – their husbands, relatives and friends have seen it too!

You’ve seen people’s houses recklessly burn down to Ashes – the owners are going through hell on earth but you still think that someone in the diaspora needs to give them reasons to fight back!

You’ve seen patients in hospitals and elderly women shamelessly burnt flat to Ashes – yes those women have relatives with blood and emotions running down their veins!


In the name of Calé Calé people are arrested, humiliated, tortured and forced to pay exorbitant sums of money before they can be “released” to continue living in fear, to continue suffering emotional and psychological torture and to continue facing endless levels of intimidations. They know that they are “released” to go and wait for the day or night when they’ll either be arrested again or killed!

Open your eyes and start seeing the reasons WHY more and more Anglophones are now picking up arms:

To REVENGE for the reckless killing of their love ones!

To DEFEND themselves, their families and communities!

To LIBERATE themselves from tugs who take great delight in humiliating the elderly and the women!

Open your eyes and see things for what they, this is no longer a crisis, it’s a WAR and the people can either:

SURRENDER and be ready to eat their own shit….

FIGHT on for Victory while knowing that casualties will continue to mount (including more deaths, economic wipe out, educational breakdown, lawlessness and social consequences)…..


NEGOTIATE for some sort of a CONDITIONAL middle ground through AAC3 or any other future options..

This thing has gone past a situation where it can just STOP and return to normality. We passed that stage long ago, so rather than just praying for PEACE, pray for JUSTICE because those who have picked up arms for the many reasons out there will not just drop them!

Do remember that it all started with the people holding PEACE PLANTS, refusing to see that a good number of them are picking up arms to REVENGE and DEFEND themselves is just being myopic!

Show them over and over as terrorist!

Call them over and over as cessationist!

Portray them over and over as vulnerable young people who are being hypnotised by the diaspora!

Call them whatever you want… But do remember that On the ground…… They are admired and HIGHLY respected by many (even by those who fear them).

By Dr. Edwin Bongaman Lukong.

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