The Female Libra – How to Make Her Fall For You

The Libra female is full of life, all bubbly and free-spirited, like a social butterfly, drifting from one table to another, fascinating her guests and keeps them mesmerized by her undeniable charm and beauty. As a result, most Libra women would want to please everybody (which is something impossible to do) resulting into a few bouts of indecision and confusion. She needs a lover who can calm her down, to make her focus and help her achieve her goals in life — of course, that is never difficult. She will shower you with gifts, even cook you your favorite meal and will treat you in a sensual massage when you need one. So here are a few techniques on how to make her fall for you — and keep her yours forever:

  • Flirt and be romantic. As a lover, a female Libra will shower you with passion and anything in between — even spoiling you at one point. You say it and she will do it, whatever it is. As a result, she will be expecting your outmost loyalty even to the point of dictatorship. So, make your pick.
  • Avoid arguments as much as you can. Indecision is her primary vice and she can’t rely so much in her impulses. She will try to analyze things so much to the point of not solving it at all. Being in an argument with her is like being in an argument with yourself, so better go easy on this part of the relationship.
  • Be friendly and share her passion. They are amiable and loved by almost everyone — that’s why you should try to curb your jealousy every once in a while. She has fierce loyalty with those she loves the most and would show great devotion to take your side, whether you’re wrong or right.
  • Never get in her way. Once they want something, they will pursue hard to get it. When she wants to be a doctor, it’s because almost everyone wants her to be, will work hard to be one and will not have one single opinion slow her down. So better try to step aside when she’s focused on achieving something. Cheering her on will do a lot of help though.
  • Learn to balance the beam. She has the tendency to get excessive and will adjust depending on how things will work for her — she’s always in shades of gray — she’s neither black or white. As her lover, it’s your mission to lead her to consider her personal options and make time to be a little self-centered sometimes. She needs to balance her personal and worldly needs.

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