The Concept of Work and Labor

Concepts are ideologies which define the operative dynamics of a century, human advancement, societal evolution and revolution. The concept of work and labor helps to differentiate between both. The understanding of this difference is imperative with respect to productivity in the 21st century.

The concept of work states, "Work is the process of mental conception, analysis and completion of a project with its implementation dynamics." Thus, work is not a physical exercise but a mental exercise. Men who work don't sweat, the reason is because they complete what they have to do in their minds before engaging their hands.

This implies, productivity is equal to 95% mental exercise plus 5% hand work. This is the most efficient mathematics for hyper productivity. For an individual to engage in work, such must invest to develop his mind. One's quality of mind determines one's quality of work.

The man you see is the mind you don't see, for where the mind goes the man follows. Africans are cursed with labor because they have refused to think. When one stops thinking he starts stinking.

When one develops his mind through the process of acquiring positive and quality knowledge, the four faculties of the mind get into full activity with creativity and productivity as the after effect.

No society can develop without workers. Workers are not laborers but "hyper resourceful technocrats" Men whose minds are active and can provide information and ideas for productive results.

The effect of work: Creativity: Work results in creativity. Creativity is the ability of the mind to ascend into that which has never existed, through the effective functioning of the four faculties of the mind, creative, thinking, imaginative and reasoning faculties. Through creativity an individual can express his unique mind quality as intelligence and ideas for productivity.

Productivity: Productivity is the expression of creativity as inventions, innovations and creations. The industrial revolution in history was an expression of creativity as productivity.

Human and environmental impact: Work is measured by its human and environmental impact and not on activity. When men truly work things change for the best. Work is not punishment but an opportunity for one to express his potential for productive results. God worked for six days and redefined the physical environment and humanity. It's time we stopped measuring our work effort based on activities but on its impact on humanity and the environment.

Any work effort which does not enhance human quality and the environment is mere activity and labor.

With work humanity can make life worth living.

Concept of labor: is the first curse the fall of man brought. God said to man, he will eat from his sweat.

Labor is physical activities without mental input. This demand for much physical energy with low productivity. 80% of the world's population labor. Only 20% work. That is, only 20% of people engage their minds for creative knowledge and ideas which reduce physical stress but enhances productivity.

One of the greatest breakthroughs most developing societies need is the transformation of their system of operation from labor to work. For this to be achieved much effort has to be made to develop the minds of citizens for creative knowledge and ideas.

Labor Day celebrations should be changed to Workers Day celebrations, where the importance of work over labor has to be emphasized.

Effects of labor: Poverty: This is not a lack of money or material things. Poverty is a mental problem. Poverty is the evidence of mental dormancy and unproductivity. All that man needs exists in the mind as intelligence, creative ideas etc. It takes mental exercise to transform intelligence and creative ideas to wealth. Labor increases poverty, work reduces poverty.

High mortality rate: Labor is physical activities minus mental input. Labor places great stress on the human body which results in high mortality. Societies where people labor are societies with high mortality rates

Low productivity: Labor has a negative impact on productivity. Societies with more underdeveloped individuals will always experience low productivity in all areas.

The 21st century civilization will be relative to work and not labors. Nothing works like work; it takes work to have worth. "Work is the process of mental conception, analysis and completion of a project with its implementation dynamics."

Source by Dr Benard Etta

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