The Cameroons: Again the Pitiable Insanity of Government Surrogates

Jean De Dieu Momo on the program « Entretien avec… on STV -9 : 00 to 11 :00pm Thursday June 20th 2019 made the following declarations :

One the Anglophone Crisis:

  • That he is for dialogue and not inclusive dialogue.
  • That government should equip vigilante groups in the North West and South West regions to assist the military to fight against Ambazonia boys. He says the system worked in the 1960s.
  • He says government cannot dialogue with bandits
  • On the holding of Anglophone General Conference, Momo says he is skeptical it can work against the state. To him, catholic priests are more of politicians.
  • He questioned why Cardinal Tumi is more interested in the process of peace today when he turned down a call from the people to stand for presidential elections.
  • That Cameroonians should see the horror in Libya and other African countries and understand that the international community does not help.

On how to develop Cameroon:

  • He says Cameroon can develop just from the commercial motorcycle sector. He proposes “Benskin Insurance SA.”To Momo this can grow to a bank and later construct a cement factory called “Benskin Cement Factory” (Incoherent).
  • That Cameroon is too young as a nation to embrace democracy. For him democracy cannot triumph in an unstable country.
  • That the electoral code is very good and matches with the political life in Cameroon.
  • He has never experience unemployment in his life. Challenge young people to carry out projects to keep themselves busy.

Source: Mimi Mefo Info Facebook page.

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