Registration of a Trademark With the OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market)

Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market is the trademark and designs registry for the internal market of the European Union. In most documents, the organization is designated as OHIM. Its main office is based in the Spanish city – Alicante. Even the name OHIM says that its main task is reducing to uniformity of situations in the various countries of the European Union. The office manages not only the trademarks registered in the territory of the European Union, but also a variety of projects. It engaged in drawing up register of trademarks. It’s a party to legal proceedings concerning the cancellation of registered industrial designs, etc. For this, the organization has not only financial but also administrative independence.

The advantages of work with the European Union Intellectual Property Office:

  1. Simplified system of filing applications for trademark registration of the European Union. Anyone of the official languages of the Union can be used for compiling of all descriptions. The contacting office allows to refuse the submission of documents to individual National Bureau and to refuse the submission of multiple applications in different languages.
  2. Reduce costs. Registering with Office Protocol reduces the cost of the payment of fees, even if that mark is already registered in one or in more countries on the basis of a national application or international protocol.
  3. Ability to register any number of trademarks or brands by one company.

Work of the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market allows not only to simplify the procedure of intellectual property protection, but to provide communication with European customers, to maintain the company’s image, as well as to increase profits by offering franchises, licensing services, and if necessary, selling the trademark itself.

The trademark office may help everyone to submit documents needed for OHIM trademark registration and Russian trademark registration. It can make Russian trademark search, search for foreign trademarks, filing documents etc.

OHIM became the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and the Community trade mark became the European Union trade mark. Every two years EUIPO organises a European Judges’ Symposium on trade mark and design issues. These Symposia aim to promote harmonisation in the application of the EU trade mark and Community design regulations at all jurisdictional levels and, in particular, at the level of EU trade mark and design courts. These are national courts of the EU Member States which have jurisdiction in disputes concerning the infringement and the validity of EU trade marks and Community designs.

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