Question to PAUL Biya: Who is your Real Enemy?

TO MR PAUL B, Mbvondo.
Who is your enemy?
No matter how much of your soul is bedeviled please God’s merciful arms are still waiting for you to confess and live.
If you still have the remotest semblance of a human being please ask yourself who your enemy is in the face of the war you declared on English Cameroon(ians).
Who told you that the refusal to sign any documents or Constitution joining English and French Cameroon was wise idea?
Who told you that English Cameroon is like two cubes of sugar dropped into the ocean of La Republique?
Who told you that the English Cameroonians can never influence international opinion on their situation of oppression and suppression?
Who told you that you can bribe all the nations of the world to look askance your treatment on English Cameroonians?
Who told you to let your soldiers torture, rape, kill, Imprison and steal from peaceful protesting University students?
Who advised you to torture, kill and imprison peaceful protesting civil law English lawyers?
Who advised you to let your soldiers shoot, torture, kill and imprison the population protesting the Constitutional and institutionalised injustice against English Cameroonians on December 8 2016?
Who advised you to shot down internet in English Cameroon?
Who advised you let your soldiers kill, torture and imprison the peaceful and peace plant English Cameroonian demonstrators on 22nd Sept 2017?
Who advised you to demote all in government suspected of sympathies for their oppressed brethren?
Who advised you to kill, torture and imprison English Cameroonians celebrating their historic day of Independence memorial on 1st October 2017?
Who reported to you that schools started effectively on 9th January 2018?
Who fooled you into illegally extraditing elected leaders of the English Cameroon opinion in January 2018 from Nigeria to la Republique?
Who told you that opinions can be destroyed by arms.
Who told you that the appointment of a school drop out serial killer and corrupt manipulator of English Cameroon background will solve the crises in English Cameroon?
Who told you that you can organize an election in English Cameroon?
Who fooled you that you can have a vote from a concious, sincere and genuine English Cameroonian?
Who reported to you that elections happened in English Cameroon on September 7th 2018?
Who told you that you won elections any where in English Cameroon?
Who told you that sporadic burning of houses, stealing and killing of English Cameroonians by your military will let them surrender to your slavery?
Who told you that plastic appointment of English speaking Cameroonians into unprecedented high positions in this country like the DG of SONARA could bring any remotest solution to this Machiavelli diabolical and man made plight in the English Cameroons?
These are your real enemies because of whose advice you have worsened a bad situation with your blunders in administration.
It is said that you wrote a political program in a book titled “communal liberalism”. How much of this book is reflected in your handling this crises will sure how close you are to what is human.
Either because of bad advisers and/or bad will; the number of those enlightened, convinced and committed to fight against the suppression and oppression of the English Cameroonians is on the rise by the day.
Those receiving huge sums of tax payers money daily to see what they can do to resolve the problem will never want an end to such a juicy bloody enterprise.
Those who live on the sale of arms will never want an end to such a money making business.
Those who live on the blood of the masses will never let go their source of livelihood?
Those who live on the fruits of looting, killing and destroying will never bring about any fruitful solution?
Those whose offices in your government are based on fraud will never want anything see the lamplight that will investigate their credentials?
Those who live by the sword in your special assignments especially in your palace will never risk their source of income.
Only a sincere, fraternal, open, just and true dialogue of free human beings can bring a lasting solution to the crises in the English Cameroons.
( A mental prisoner and Goodwill slave within your Oligarchy).

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