On the Dilemma of Modern Warfare and a Worthless Educational System edited and published by Mbiydzenyuy David WANTNAGWA

Modern warfare is fought economically by hitting the economic nervous system of your enemies and PROTECTING your most valuable assets. Two years ago when schools boycott/strikes started, a few people were not concerned because: They didn’t have children in school. They were not teachers. They were not school proprietors. We all failed to realize that the educational sector was an industry that was more important to us than General Motors, Boeing and Silicone Valley all put together for the US economy…. Education wasn’t just our highest employer (with more than 50% of our formal workforce?), it was our highest export and a massive source of income with some students coming from ALL OVER THE WORLD (including USA, CANADA, UK and mainland Europe). No, it was not only the children of directors and ministers who were BRINGING MONEY into our economy through Sacred Heart, Lourdes, PCC or BIROCOL, our own children from the diaspora were equally doing it. These children didn’t just bring their school fees, they brought hundreds of thousands in pocket money which they pumped into our local economy through buying uniforms, foodstuffs, books, transport etc….Their parents bought foodstuffs, petrol, shared drinks and even left more money with family/careers looking after their children. A lot more people that were relaying on food supply to schools; Farmers, buyam sellam, transporters etc….. You still wondering why the cooperative cannot borrow you money today? That women who sold food at the school gates borrowed money from there to buy flour and oil and it’s same story with the taxi man who took children to school… And yes, your njangi is collapsing because the builder, the driver, the tailor, bread seller, bike man, beans suppliers and the man who sold oil to the puf-puf fryer were all relying on schools! Yes, our schools were SLOWLY being destroyed and we had to do something ….. Question is, “so is it better for us to destroy them ourselves?” Can you imagine the US government shutting down and completely destroying General Motor, Boeing and Silicone Valley FOR ANY REASON? It’s not only our own children that are now TAKING MONEY to the French side, Churches are taking their schools over there with new English schools being built and teachers are crossing over in unprecedented numbers.

We need to STOP THE ROT!

You still think it doesn’t concern you? Well, your neighbours child who is not going to school today will either break into your home or the home of that child that you have sent to study in Yaounde or Douala and they’ll come with guns as thieves and rapists! We are attacking and completely destroying our own economic nervous system! We should ALL be protecting schools and school children while doing everything possible to send those in the bushes and refugee camps to schools instead of joining them as a bigger problem.


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