Obtaining ID Cards, A Nightmare To Southern Cameroonians -Targeted Sanction Or A General Concern? MMI Culled from CNA

Obtaining ID Cards, A Nightmare To Southern Cameroonians
-Targeted Sanction Or A General Concern? 

A victim speaks out:
“Hi there Hanson, I once wrote to you about how difficult it is, especially to those of us on “ground zero” to acquire an ID card. Now, it seems impossible. We’re not only deprived of the right to possess the ID card, which gives the military the right to massacre us, the passport has been included. After spending so much on transport to Yaoundé, paid huge sums of money to apply for a passport, silence/no booklets is the answer we get. Sometimes slangs and provocative insults.

It seems this evil government has an evil agenda, especially for the English speaking Cameroonians or southern Cameroonians doing everything possible to prohibit their movements within and without the national boundaries. Most people have been shot dead here on ground zero by the reckless military because they’re not in possession of the ID card! And yet they don’t make the ID card available even after having extorted so much money in the process of issuance.

Is the world being entertained by the 21st century genocide going on in the southern Cameroons? 
I am writing from ground zero, I reiterate: hell might be better Hans. The situation gets worst here after each day: gun shots, killings, burning of houses and deliberate destruction of life earned properties by the military doesn’t seem to make any news to anyone any longer.
If you can be suffering from (STD) Secondary Traumatic Disorder, then imagine what those of us on ground zero are suffering from; (PTSD). 

What charm has Biya used to blindfold the entire world to give a deaf ear and turned a blind eye to this his android genocide!?! Just wondering aloud. Please, conceal my ID as usual. God protect us.”

From an aggrieved Southern Cameroonian on “ground zero”

Culled from CNA


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