Kenyan Government Demands Answers for the Murder of the Kenyan Priest in Cameroon

The Cameroon Military has been involved in the killing of several religious. Eye-witnesses and victims during the attack have clearly identified that the military carried out the assassination of a Seminarian in Babessi in Ngoketunjia and now of the Reverend Father Cosmas, the Parish Vicar of Kembong under the Diocese of Mamfe. While the Minister for Communications and the spokesperson of the Cameroon Government quickly went on Twitter to blame it on the so-called separatists, the Bishop of Mamfe who went directly on the ground and who talked with the remaining victims of the attack gave a vivid picture of what actually happened in like manner as it did when the Diocesan Seminarian was killed in Ngoketunjia. Below is a letter from the Kenyan Government demanding the details and circumstances of the attack from the Government of Cameroon. This has become a series and what has been termed as a stupid and senseless war declared on part of the country by the President, Paul Biya who quickly identified the suffering people of the two restive regions as terrorists and insists up till date with a host of government ministers that the government is solving their grievance yet has been intransigent to the much demanded inclusive and unconditional dialogue. The letter reads as follows:


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