Having a Boston Tea Party Theme This Year? Find Out What Colonial Americans Enjoyed

Having a Boston tea party theme will make for a memorable party for years to come. Food is always at the top of the list, so some fun and easy Fourth of July recipes will get you off to a good start.

Let’s first start with your theme. The Boston Tea Party was a major event in American history. It was the one of the events that was a catalyst to the American Revolution. These events lead to the signing of the Declaration of Independence and our celebrating the Fourth of July every year. This is a great time to mix learning history with some fun activities.

If you want to keep true to your theme, the food can be quite varied. It seems that the colonists did not have standard meals; they ate what was available to them. More often than not, the well off family that lived in the colonies was served two courses.

The first course, for their supper, included several meats plus meat puddings and/or deep meat pies. These pies contained fruits and various spices. They also were served pancakes and fritters. Accompaniments were side dishes of sauces, pickles and catsups.

Desserts appeared with the second course. An assortment of fresh, cooked, or dried fruits, some custard, sweet tarts were offered when available. Cakes served were of many varieties: pound cake, gingerbread, spice cake and cheeses were also offered.

It is also important to note that the colonists loved chocolate and tea. These were the two most popular drinks in colonial times.

So in keeping with the colonists love for tea, let’s explore some memorable Fourth of July recipes for your party.

Let’s start with what you want to serve to drink. If you want to stick to the red, white and blue theme, you can offer drinks that go with your theme. How does lemonade iced tea, Boston iced tea and a blueberry granita sound? Yummy, right?

If you love watermelon, you may want to consider watermelon tea spiked slushes. This is a great cool treat for a hot day.

Fresh fruit is plentiful this time of year. Hollow out a watermelon and refill it with fresh fruit mixed with tea syrup. It keeps the fruit nice and adds another taste dimension to the fruit.

More Having a Boston Tea Party Theme This Year?

For something different from the regular hamburgers and hot dogs, try orange spiced tea barbeque sauce on chicken or ribs.

Turkey was a big favorite in colonial times. Try grilled or roasted turkey with spicy cranberry tea sauce for a new taste treat.

How does red, white and blue potato salad sound? Your guests will be talking about this potato salad for a long time. The guests don’t need to know this is an easy thing to accomplish. Simply purchase baby red rose, baby white rose and small blue (yes there are blue potatoes) and put them in your traditional potato salad. It is just a fun way to keep the patriotic theme and have fun too!

Since the second course was dessert for the colonists, this is a great time to address what you may want to serve. Cup cakes, pound cake and even snicker doodles were very popular treats in colonial times.

The colonists loved chocolate. You may want to serve a Chocolate chocolate tea cake. This is a simple cake to make and will be sure to please.

In colonial times there was what was called the American 1234 cake. This cake was to make it easy to remember the ingredients. Of course, as other ingredients became available, the bakers added extra ingredients that become available to them.

Apple pie, apple dumplings were another dessert staple for the colonists. Consider making an apple cranberry green tea pie.

Of course, ice cream was a rare treat in colonial days. It has been told that when the signers of the Declaration of Independence were preparing this document, it was in the very heat of summer. The windows were kept closed so that everything that went on in the meetings was kept secret. The one and only treat the Continental Congress looked forward to everyday, was a serving of ice cream.

I keeping with the Boston tea party, consider making home made tea ice cream. Think about raspberry tea, blueberry tea and white almond tea ice cream. It is easy to make and very refreshing. The Continental Congress would have loved the irony of tea ice cream!

A Boston tea party theme with these types of Fourth of July foods will create a memorable time that will be talked about for many years to come.

Source by Connie Bednar

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