Generosity Overcomes Poverty Of The Soul

A generous person will never be struck by the fear of lack for that soul has been freed from a small and poverty stricken mentality!

People like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Larry Ellison (three of the five richest people in the world) are heroes in my opinion. Not simply because they have made billions of dollars in their lives, but because they have given billions away! Each man has decided to donate over ninety percent of their wealth to charity.

It takes great courage and determination to accumulate masses of wealth, but it takes a very free individual to be capable of letting go of that wealth towards a selfless cause!

Benefits Of Generosity

A generous heart experiences pleasures that few freely find. It is the generous soul who has discovered true prosperity which ushers a flood of resources back to them. John Bunyan (1628-1688) once said, "He who bestows his goods upon the poor shall have as much again, and ten times more."

12 Benefits Of Generosity

Generosity has the following benefits; it fulfills our sense of purpose, establishes grounds for our continued increase, celebrates the success of the giver, opposes all sense of self-focus, self-pity and stinginess, liberates the soul from financial control, causes others to take notice, fulfills the cry of the needy, breeds significance, begins a chain reaction amongst others, restores faith in humanity, points towards the existence of a higher power, and draws humanity closer to the heart of our creator.

The True Sign Of A Generous Soul

The true sign of a generous soul is a satisfied life. When our time has drawn to a close, the generous person will have no regrets. Sir Winston Churchill stated, "We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."

Freedom From Poverty Of The Soul

Poverty of the soul has more to do with what we hold than what we have. A grasping mentality will only ever grow to the extent of ego! A generous soul destroys the "smallness" of poverty by expanding to a place where the limits of ego are torn apart! Unrestrained compassion and benevolence ensue! This opens us to a richer life experience, free of poverty of the soul.

Ten Ways To Practice Generosity

1. Spend your "time" with a person who's love language is time.

2. Employ your "talents" to enrich a lonely heart.

3. Release your "service" to aid a person in need!

4. Present your "smile" to a person with a heavy heart!

5. Instill your "encouragement" to build a hopeless soul!

6. Pass your "joy" with wisdom, into a sad situation.

7. Inject your "praise" into a worthy recipient.

8. Remember your "thanks" for those who help you.

9. Stir your "compassion" towards people that others find hard to love.

10. Give a preplanned amount of your "money" to a worthy charity.

By practicing generosity you will remove the restraints of Soul Poverty from your life experience!

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