France Impoverishing African Countries by Farida Bemba

The Vice Prime Minister of Italy Luigi di Maio goes back to France by exposing its role in the impoverishment of African countries. He says “France is the country that is printing the currency of 14 African countries prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that refugees leave and die in the sea or arrive on our shores”.

Indeed, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister is not wrong and sooner or later the nauseous policy of France in Africa that prevents us from developing will affect Europe and affect it already.
Beyond the mention of the cfa franc, it is all the economic and political appliances of our countries that are controlled by the French. Yesterday I was outraged to learn that the shops of the airports of Senegal and mali are managed by lagardère. Our ports are almost all managed by bolloré, our total oil companies, our orange-dominated telecommunications, our school programs are designed at the quai d ‘ Orsay and they need permission to add or remove a comma. Our textbooks are printed by Hatier.
What Independence are we talking about? And this without counting all the coffee, cotton, Cocoa, rubber, palm trees that also belong to the French.
We francophones have no country. We are refugees on our own territory. And this misery has been living for over a century.

France is the most cruel of colonial powers.

Farida Bemba
African citizen disillusioned

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