Eritrean Leadership: An example of chaotic anarchy that scourges Africa

How many Eritreans are wandering around the world looking for a place to lay their heads and why? What are they running away from at home? What took them out into the streets of the world and why can they not return to their homes? Of what use is the African Union, and where is its role to moderate inordinate leadership in Africa? While the African Union is playing to the galleries and keeping a blind eye to dictatorial regimes that continue raking havoc to millions of Africans, several leaders and well intentioned Africans have begun to react directly to some of these chaotic dictatorships in the hope that some sanity could return. The recent publication by RFI of the letter sent to Issayas Afewerki, the visible representation of the evil that has befallen Eritrea is worth noting. In a PanAfrican spirit, we publish the reactions of one of Africa’s activists in the hope that many more could follow.

In Rfi’s newspaper today, I had to talk about a letter sent to the head of the state of Eritrea Issayas Afewerki who runs his country since his ascension to independence in 1994 of which I am one of the initiating and signatories. Eritrea considered North Korea is a country in autarky whose citizens do not have the right to leave the territory. In this country of 4 million inhabitants of East Africa, there has never been any elections, there is no parliament, there is no constitution and the head of the state runs like a supreme master. Thousands of citizens flee the gold country from dangerous routes and those who are arrested by military including children, are incarcerated forever in prisons. Prisoners have no visiting rights and families don’t know in which state these are. Eritrea is beating the world record of arbitrary detentions of journalists, some of which have already spent more than 20 years in prison without having ever seen their families again. We signatories to this letter answered the call of Eritrean in exile who wish their country to put an end to human rights violations and normalizes its relations with the rest of the continent and the world. Tens of thousands of Eritreans fleeing the country, the very large majority is doctored by slave merchants and sold in the countries of the middle east such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Egypt. Originally, the borders had been closed to prevent according to the president, a possible attack of Eritrea by Ethiopia after the war of secession that has led to its independence since 1994. But since last year, the new Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. Has made efforts to normalize relationships with this country brother and reassure his Eritrean colleague. Following this standardization of relations with Ethiopia, the Eritrean rule no longer has a justification valid for its total closure and the arbitrary incarceration of thousands of its citizens. All the peoples of Africa deserve to live in dignity and freedom and we want to see the Eritrean people cover his own.

Source: Facebook Page: Farida Bemba Nabourema: African citizen disillusioned

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