Discover the Shocking Truth Behind Africa AIDS Statistics and the Statistics of HIV

Imagine a place where your every waking moment is surrounded by death. Across the street is a family of eight, all orphans. The eldest takes care of all the siblings and he is barely in his teens. They don’t have any source of income and one of them has been infected with AIDS. Right on the corner lays a man dying. No one bats an eye. No one tries to help. It is all just a common sight to the people in the neighborhood. Standing atop of it all are the authorities who are doing nothing to help. They are just stuffing their fat pockets with graft and corruption.

Imagine no further. Read about the Africa AIDS statistics and realize that the previous scenario is reality in Africa. These statistics show that two out of three people in Africa will die of AIDS. These deaths mean there will be more orphans that will be thrust into poverty, resorting to dire survival means, including crime, drugs and prostitution. Unfortunately, this lifestyle will put these children at risk of getting AIDS themselves and continuing this vicious cycle.

Statistics of HIV show that most of the people with AIDS in the world come from Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa to be specific. Among the people inflicted with the disease, two out of three people will come from this region. In the state of Botswana, for example, one out of four people are infected and in Zimbabwe it is growing to one out of three. Twenty-four million in this region are infected by this deadly disease and the number will continue to grow if this epidemic is not attended to.

The economic repercussions of the disease are serious, too. It is the major reason for the loss of skilled workers. Africa AIDS Statistics show that Kenya loses two of out of every three police officers to the disease.

Furthermore, AIDS is seen as the main cause for the lack of teachers in the Central African Republic. This has led to 100 primary school closings in two years between 1996 and 1998. It is also important to note that statistics of HIV show that three out of ten soldiers in Africa are HIV-positive.

AIDS affects Africa so much so that if nothing is done about this disease, it will lead to continued poverty and suffering. Today, AIDS remains one of the major problems facing this region.

Source by David Diamond

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