Can The Cameroon Military Still Reason? by Mbiydzenyuy WANTANGWA

Recent casualties among the Cameroonian military have proven the insanity of the system using the soldiers to cover up political crimes in both Ambazonia and the fight against Boko Haram. First, we earlier on published an article where our contributor demanded that the Cameroon military employ the use of reason as they insisted to prosecute a useless and senseless war declared by an insane dictator for the sake of his own selfish interest and the inordinate interest of his deadly accomplices in power. (

Could the Cameroon military see the difference of prosecuting mayhem against its own people in the Southern Cameroons over whom they are supposed to protect and the war against Boko Haram. The recent insurgency of the Boko Haram sect shows that the Cameroon Military has lost steam in attempting to fight on two fronts. How effectively can they defend the national territory from the intrusion of Boko Haram when they have dedicated their energy to suppressing the Southern Cameroons in pursuit of the insane dictator’s orders. The war against the people of the Southern Cameroons is taking a different twist, as the pro-independence fighters keep upgrading their materials and strategies. The advantages over the Cameroon military are enormous, they master the terrain, the people and above all, they are defending their land and people from the intrusion and senseless repression of a brutal regime. Presently, as the repressive military continues to live under the delusion that the pro-independence fighters still use hunting guns and machetes, they have changed and upgraded to using bombs and AK-47s. It is interesting to listen to the families of those recently killed in Manyu, asking the government of the LRC to better discuss with the pro-independence fighters and the leaders of the Southern Cameroons, a proof that they are gradually getting weary over the LRC senseless insistence to prosecute a war they know, they can never win. Mr. Paul Biya, who can best be described as a dumb and insane dictator has allowed his deadly accomplices to continue to deceive him against all insistence and advise from the international community and organisations to hold a broad-based unconditional dialogue with the Southern Cameroons. Continuous lies, delusions and deception of the international community while continuously harming the local populations, torching hundreds of villages, wasting both the lives of the civilians and the military and falsely believing that a military and brutal solution is the best way. In the face of continuous manipulations and deception from unscrupulous politicians,we dare to ask, can the Cameroon military come to some reason? Can the soldiers themselves take up their destiny into their hands and refuse to cooperate in a senseless war? Can the military leaders who seem to be making a fortune of the war come to some measure of sanity and stop the carnage. It is a continuous deception both of the rest of the Francophone community of the Cameroons and of the international community, that everything is coming under control. It is a deception to everyone to continuously lie to the military, the international community and to everyone that everything is under control while they continue to exact unwarranted gains from the war. Can the military in the Cameroons, come to some measure of sanity and realize that they have continuously done the wrong thing for over three years?

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