Cameroon: Minister’s Silly Utterances Fuel the Ambazonian Crisis by D. WANTANGWA


We produce this writeup again in response to what we will refer to as the latest silly utterances of the Minister of Territorial Administration, Mr. Atanga Nji Paul. Atanga Nji Paul, who probably was told or saw a Nigerian movie in which the Directors depicted the cooking and eating of human flesh. He confidently referred to this a reality happening in the restive Southern Cameroons where the situation and the stand-off between the LRC forces and the pro-independence fighters desirous to protect the locals from the brutality of the military, have vowed to resist government to the end.


Such silly utterances coming from and amateur minister comes to add to a series of utterances from the various Ministers who have demonstrated outrageous incompetence in handling the crisis. The first was another amateur minister of international relations Mbella Mbella who went out rightly convoking and reprimanding the United States Ambassador who had previously reminded the LRC president to think of handing over power and to be concerned about what kind of legacy he was to bequeath to the future Cameroon.

It would be recalled that this crisis would not have reached this peak if the various ministers of the Biya regime in their arrogance had not polarized and further radicalized the citizens of the Southern Cameroons due to their mis-targeted solutions, and outrageous behavior and measures that only continuously fueled the crises to this level. It would be recalled that the present Minister of Territorial Administration is often quoted to be at the base of the problem and is often blamed at various circles for having negated and continuously negated the fact that the Southern Cameroons has any problem. The continuous use of the phrase, “there is no anglophone problem” is attributed to him.

The alarming insensitivity of the ministers, Cameroon administration, the self-imposed group called the elites towards the crisis and the numerous targeted killings and executions, torture and arrests is a clear indication that the crisis would only exacerbate. Also alarming is the government’s use of the military in its brutal approach to the crisis.

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